JBL floorstanders

Does anyone have experience of JBL 4367?

I recently attended a presentation of the new Sonus Faber Olympus range with Primare and barely made it to the end of the 2 hours, out of sheer boredom. Both SF and Primare reps were happy with the set up and synergy, which confirmed SF are not for me. Very pretty though…

Subsequent discussion with the dealer about the absence of emotional engagement with the music led him to suggest I listen to the JBLs.

Any experience/ thoughts ?

Primare and Sonus Faber go both in the same direction : soft, nice and a bit laid back. So I am not surprised that you found the sound boring.
But Naim and Sonus Faber is well balanced, for me at least.

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What was the source? I heared a ndx into a primare integrated into sf floorstanders and I thought it was excellent.

Those JBL 4367s definitely look the business. However, I think for that kind of money I’d probably be looking instead at a restore pair of one of the greatest JBLs ever made, the 4343s. They are definitely in my dream speaker bucket list. Kenrick sound in Japan do some fabulous restorations.


Guttenberg fun 3min review of the JBL 4429:

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Source was the top Primare CD player (don’t remember the model), a USB drive with high rez files and a project turntable. The only source I found remotely engaging was the vinyl. The rest was the 60 series pre and 2 x 35.2 power amps. The reps seemed very happy the sound was positively representative of their products.

I will be able to audition the 4367, not the 4343. I would hope that if the 43 were so good so long ago, the 67 should be in another league today…, flawed thinking perhaps? A pretty decent discount available on the 67 but nowhere near as cheap as 43s

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