JBL HDI and Uniti Atom

Does anyone tried the JBL HDI 1600 speakers with the Naim Uniti Atom?
The HDI 1600s have a sensitivity of only 85dB (4 ohm) and I wonder to know if the Atom is powerful enouguh.

Or does anyone tried other JBL HDI series speakers with any Uniti series amplifier?

Many thanks.

I use an Atom with Neat Iotas, which are 84db (6ohm) and the combination sounds fine to my ears even with volume capped at 60. But that’s in a small room used as an office. So I draw two conclusions. Firstly, quoted sensitivities are at best a very limited guide to how well an amp and speaker pairing will work. Secondly, the room also makes a big difference.

That’s probably not massively helpful, but I wouldn’t rule out using the JBLs with your Atom on the basis of specs alone, particularly if your room is modestly sized.


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