JBRadio2 is back

The selection of music is excellent, I would say better than Radio Paradise. Currently at AAC 320 only but soon Hi Rez.
The Naim link is broken but you can set it up yourself by copying the link from their website.



Hi @davidhendon

The link in Naim’s Choice is playing the aac 320k feed.

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As of today Flac is available.

Good place for all info: Radio Archives - High Resolution Audio


I’ve set this up in Vtuner and after a hesitant start it is now streaming to my Nova. I get track info but I can’t locate a url for the logo (which is fine for me).

I have the Flac stream working via roon, using the same URL as before the stream stopped a few months ago,

Same here except it would be nice to have the logo displayed, but the main problem I found is that the stream consistently stops after a few minutes. Happened a few times so it’s back to the mp3 stream here.

Mine stopped at the end of every track but after I played 3 or 4, it started to stream continuously. Let’s see if it lasts. Meanwhile I’m sticking with RP.

After every track the stream cuts, that’s happened for the last 30+ minutes, and it’s unlistenable tbh. I’ve dropped them a note on the JBR2 web site, last time I had cause to flag something up they were v quick to respond so fingers crossed they can this time.

Back to BBC Radio 2 now. Old Ken has a lot going for him & his show.

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Jb radio2 is the best station but it stops always

Yes. They are aware of this and working on it.
In the meantime it’s 320 AAC. Even in lossy the SQ is better than other stations.

Just tried in naims choice and it isn’t working for me. I have an nds on firmware 4.4 as I preferred this sonically to the newer versions.

Don’t like 320 sound

Do you know the url for the acc version?

I still can’t get it to work on my nds. Its in naims choice, but when I click on it I get the message “can’t play. Station unavailable”.


JBradio website has the links.

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JB Radio 2 stopped working on my Uniti Nova in the last few days. In the past this was caused by but JB Radio 2 changing the IP addresses of their FLAC, AAC streams but this time this doesn’t seem to be the case since all the links work on JB Radio website and I can play them via VCL player as well but not on the Uniti Nova. Even if I add the streams manually in the VTuner they can’t play either nor can I use the Naim presents for the AAC or FLAC streams. Does anyone else experience the same problem?


There have been updates on JB Radio2 on topic
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