Jelco throws in the up..!

Jelco Close Down…

After been in business for 100 years,.the tonearm maker Jelco has decided to close down.

The economical consequences of the corona-pandemic have been the tipping point.
But also the high age of their employers,.and old machinery.
Sad to see such a famed company go.

Looks like Linn has to find an alternative producer of their Majik-tonearm.?

:red_circle: That’s what I suspected when this Pandemic began,.many in the hifi-industry will “fall”.
I’m sure we’ve only seen the beginning of this,.unfortunately.

Stay safe…

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Rise of 3D printing and Artificial Intelligence where skill as a commodity…valued no more.

Sad development.

The Wuhan discovered Virus …is only the trigger I think.

That is sad news. Let’s hope it’s not too much of a foretaste of more bad news to come !


Totally agree, I think the only thing that we as consumers can do is support our dealers and favourite manufacturers (Mentioning no Naims) by any purchases going

Isn’t it made under license ?

Otherwise it looks back to Pro-Ject or maybe Clearaudio for a replacement , unless they go in-house .

With an ageing workforce and obsolete equipment it does seem that their demise is to a large extent self inflicted, though if course it’s sad to see a long established manufacturer shut its doors. Perhaps it’s time for Linn to make a call to Essex, where there is a great British manufacturer making some superb arms at very good prices.


Sad news.

When I got married my wife suggested I wear a wedding ring, I don’t wear jewellery; I agreed if she wanted to buy my ring. When I bought hers she decided to bank her money, but I suggested at a later date she might want to buy me a half hunter.

Other priorities having been covered a few years ago she suggested that we get the half hunter, after some verbal prodding …I went back to the jewelers we usually use, they had stopped selling them. The chap they used to service and maintain them was now in his eighties and had retired, they told me they were unable to find someone sufficiently skilled.

Signs of the times.


You may be right, but in the case of Jelco, they were already in trouble with an aging workforce of machinists and equipment. Covid-19 affects may be nothing more than the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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Yes, but it’s the mount, would either party budge ?

Would Rega adapt their products to a Linn mounting and vice versa . I would expect from a volume basis it would be Linn adapting to Rega .

Which I can’t see happening .

For firms like Avid, that’s Jelco gone under and SME refusing to sell individual arms . That must push them towards Rega (or Origin Live) for tonearms

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