Jerry Lee Lewis

Some say he’s not dead!

Stoke up them hell fires!

Glad he’s gone. IMO of course.

I saw him live in the forum Kentish town.
I was near the front. Best gig i have ever seen.
I have all his box sets on Bear Family records
I also met Linda his sister at her gig. Very friendly
She said thanks for coming out.


I heard that he did not sign autographs.
I saw his sister Linda Gail. At her gig.
She was very nice and signed my CD.

Not all musicians are nice people.
Bill Wyman said chuck Berry was a nasty
Piece of work. I believe he hit Keith Richards.

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About Stan Getz Saxophonist.
In the jazz world I know a few old timers and they call him Stan Gitz.
I think it was Zoot Sims said he was a “nice bunch of guys “ :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The look that Keith gives Johnnie Johnson is priceless.

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No, I guess not Brian. I suppose a lot of them just get caught up in the whole I’m really special kind of thing.
Really, all the many thousands upon thousands of musicians that have ‘made it’ should be so very appreciative for being so enormously overpaid and severely under-worked. And all this for doing something that they usually enjoy doing. I really can’t imagine why any of them could be irritable, unless of course they’re dealing with mental health issues, which of course some of them are, or were …

Is that the same Bill Wyman who groomed and sh*gged a fourteen year old girl who was pandered to him by her mother?

I don’f listen to music made by paedophiles. Nor do I listen to what they have to say about other sex pests.

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Zoot Sims said a great bunch of fellas. Ronnie Scott .had problems with him.
also Stan Tracy said he was rude to him.

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How do you feel about Mozart? He was cutting it a bit fine with Constanze when they first met in 1781, wouldn’t you say?

My (still) malfunctioning Mac won’t let me search the net at the moment, but I believe that Mozart started lodging with the Weber family when Constanze was 17 or 18 years old. I am sure that she was quite a bit older than 14 years in any event.

I stand to be corrected.

Of course, average lifespan was quite a lot shorter in Mozart’s time, and it was fairly common for people to marry much younger in those times.

I borrowed a 'phone to check this.

Constanze Weber was aged 19 when she and Mozart married. I don’t see any statement that they had any pre-marital ‘relationship’.

I didn’t know exactly where you were placing your ‘cut off point’, hence the vagueness of ‘cutting it fine’. 19 is a bit on the young side to me.

No, you are utterly wrong. As far as I know, it would have been perfectly usual (even expected) for a girl in Constanze Weber’s time to marry at the age of 19, as she did.

Jerry Lee Lewis was a paedophile.

Wolfgang Mozart was not.

However you try to cut it.

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I’m delighted you felt able to express your true feelings rather than hiding behind euphemisms. Very healthy.


I note your use of sarcasm to try to deflect from being shown to be so obviously wrong. Keep it up!

many have been married many times. when i was 20 my father used to nag me.
he said you must get married you cannot be happy all your life.

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Sarcasm? I was trying to follow my late Grandmother’s advice about what I should do if I couldn’t think of anything nice to say. That was the best I could do.

I can’t see the slightest likelihood of a good outcome when trying to engage in debate with someone who starts a response in such a way. My ‘live’ response when I read it was actually to burst out laughing, which I think summarises the situation nicely.

Anyway, on to other topics.


Some people do not watch Roman Polanski films
For the same reason