Jesus Christ Superstar remastered

JCS was the first West End musical show I attended. I bought the ticket months ahead of (and for the date of) my 19th birthday in 1972, when I knew I would be working in a London pub during the summer.
I had to be resolute walking past the touts on my birthday, offering me a multiple of my weekly wage for my ticket. I’m so glad I didn’t sell!
The original concept recording of 1971 has been remastered at Abbey Road, from analogue sources. I bought it yesterday as a download in 96/24 and I’m on my second listen now. It was always a good sounding recording but it’s now better than ever.
Highly recommended.


Where is the download site? I’ve not found it.

I bought it from Prostudiomasters.

Thanks. My web search didn’t turn up that site.

Listening now - just brilliant, and well mastered - Thanks

Same for me, first musical and one of the first theatre productions I saw.

Seen it many times, however a stand out production was in Regents Park a few years ago. It was electric.

My only experience of JCS was the school playground chant of,

’ Jesus Christ Superstar he wears funny knickers and he wears a bra’.

Although we’d be very careful not to let Sister Rita famous for her almighty ‘clip round the ear’ hear.

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I hope it’s ok for me to suggest this superb album. Solo piano by the wonderful Stefano Bollani.


Thanks HH. Will check it out.

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