Jesy leaves Little Mix, what does that mean for Naim owners


(Actually I did find some of their tracks quite catchy “Wings” comes to mind!)

I expect many here will be googling to find out what this is all about.

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The only Little Micks I know is the shitty little greasy spoon off Kilburn High Road.


Watching them from the start (I know, sorry) she always looked like the X Factor make up department didn’t really know what to do with her.
X Factor reality style of Svengali coercion has born many casualties. With her the latest.

I predicted this when they were on the Strictly results show this weekend. My daughters and wife saw them at the O2 in October '19.

Why do an increasing proportion of women, especially young women, pump up their bodies ( lips, boobs and bums), and seemingly keep doing it as if addicted to it? Presumably some media influence is leading them to think if makes them look beautiful, whereas the reality is they look hideous. Is if surprising some members of this ‘girl group’ found themselves the receiving end of mockery?* Is it time plastic surgery for purely cosmetic purposes was banned?

(*N.B. This is not condoning the use of social media to slag people off)


Yes it’s all a bit daft, not helped by social media, the beauty industry and the quest for perfection. Young men seem to have the same pressures these days to have the perfect body too.

I have no interest in Little Mix and their music, but me and Mrs n did end up watching a documentary on Jesy Nelson (Odd One Out) which was a bit of an eye opener on the pressure and abuse some of these people suffer. Very sad.

I gather that she has always suffered mental health issues including an eating disorder and now has a worsening of her mental health. This thread seems a little bit uncharitable


Now if one of the sisters left Haim that would have a major effect on Naim.


Not on my favourites list, but I wouldn’t turn them off either if I heard then on the radio. They haven’t appeared on my Roon Radio feed so far!

It is indeed rather sad how ordinary people get hammered on social media for stepping into the limelight.

Wonder how many people that you currently listen to started off in a cheesy pop group but reinvented themselves. Can’t think of any off the top, but I’m sure there are plenty of examples.

Music for today, what’s not to like?

It may not have an impact but hopefully it will make some of us a little sad that a young girl in a successful position she probably dreamt of is leaving that role for mental health reasons. I hope she gets the support she needs to get well


Scott Walker?
I do feel sorry for Jesy, and I hope she has good support and she may find herself as an ambassador for mental health that some people can relate to.

@WeekendWarrior I would say Robbie Williams and Harry Styles off the top of my head. As other have said it is very sad that it has come to this for her because of trolls on the interweb. Makes my blood boil.

If only that were what it did! The trouble is there is nothing even remotely beautiful or perfect about stupidly pumped up lips, overblown boobs etc as seen now so often amongst so-called “celebrities” that sadly are the role models for many. These people clearly don’t realise how hideous they end up looking, and it seems to generate a self-perpetuating spiral of ever more tweaking… (Hmm, a bit like some hifi freaks!)

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What is there to like?

I am sure that it will be of enormous comfort to her to know that there is a group of blokes on social media discussing how ‘hideous’ her and her friends look


My criticism was of the ready availability of unnecessary and in my opinion damaging cosmetic surgery and the aspects of society that encourage or promote its use. Unfortunately it is used far beyond fixing things that are a problem, with a result that to me - and I know I am not alone - looks hideous. One consequence of that is vilification of the unfortunate victim by social media, which can result in serious mental health issues - and for what?

Whilst this is in a thread that that names an individual, my comments were not aimed at that individual, nor were they discussing her fellow group members specifically, but the reality of the consequences of the plastic surgery boom. I am aware through media coverage some weeks ago that at least one person in this girl band was the subject of social media vilification with a negative effect on her mental health, though I don’t know if it is the same person. When I saw pictures at that time I could understand what triggered some of the reported comments, though totally unacceptable to present them in the way they had been. I feel sorry for the people who turn to plastic surgery of this nature, but I think the fault lies with “celebrity” culture, and all parts of society that pander to it from publicity media to “social” media. That, and the readiness of some surgeons and “beauticians” to undertake these procedures so widely and to such extremes, are the subject of my disdain, not the resultant disfigurement of young women (or anyone else).

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