Joe Bonamassa - UK Dates & More

For info, JB has just announced dates for Europe 2023:

JB Dates

I looked - as a big JB fan. Factoring in that I have never seen him - ever. But the prices were enough to stop me. YMMV, but - be warned.

Steve Hackett - is much cheaper… :grimacing:

Seen JB many times, most expensively at the Albert Hall a few years ago.
Those tickets were ‘Eye Wateringly’ expensive.
First time we saw him was at ‘The Junction’ Cambridge around 2008 I believe and those tickets were around £20 each I think.
His Stratospheric rise has definitely hiked his ticket prices for sure🤷🏻‍♂️
We’ll still be going though :joy:

For Steve Hackett (Genesis Revisited - tour now on), I had full choice of seats, in a much smaller venue - which is easier for me.

Choice made.

Sorry, Joe… :expressionless:

And better.


Careful… :laughing:

Very different styles of guitar… :expressionless:

Steve Hackett is often credited for inventing Tapping. No quite true, maybe…


I’ve seen both. Steve is so much more creative and melodic.
I think Steve taps with the edge of a pick, rather than index or middle finger.

Seen JB several times, but many years ago around the famed RAH gig era.
At his best.Tickets then not overly expensive.
Not gone since because of ticket prices and I think he has passed his creative peak and its the same old regurgitated pentatonic stuff.
I also had a musical soft spot for Bogie Bowles’ drumming.
I think there are more varied players out there, Mayer for instance.
Just my opinion.
Enjoy the shows if you do go.

That’s just what I thought when I saw him.

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I’m also enjoying Eric Steckel, who has a much edgier style and can be more creative in both technique and instruments (he also plays Piano & Hammond really well).
Saw and met Eric earlier this year at The Musician Leicester. Truly brilliant gig and a really nice guy.


Steve H does not use a pick… :astonished:

Top Ten Players Who Don’t Use a Pick

Will give him a listen, thanks.
Back on the OPs topic of JB and his tour.

I agree it’s rare, but when I’ve seen him tapping (which he does in a limited, but musical way), I’m sure he uses the edge of a pick. I’ll see if I can find a video which shows it. Maybe on Firth of Fifth?

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