John Byrne Award

Sorry you did not win: looking at the Judging Criteria I thought you had a strong entry.

Years ago I used an R6 for slide film, mostly with a 21mm, never had a 50mm, and some with a 180mm. The move to digital was equally minimal, but just with a DX 16-80mm zoom (24mm in 35mm film terms at the wide end to 120mm), all second hand too, as indeed was the leica. Finally overcome the sentimentality and selling the old stuff as now a few years into retirement it is time to reasses, so maybe a Q is possible…
Could sell the Naim system, reduce the box count, use a Bantam One instead…
Kind regards

ps thought a message was more appropiate…

Thanks Chris. The R8 was one I fancied but bought an M8 instead and used that for 10 years until the leaf shutter literally exploded!

If you need any insights into the Q just give me a shout.



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Is this is a post or a message that has been posted instead ?

I occasionally see an option to send a message but thought this feature wasn’t enabled on the forum ?

I thought it was to be a message to just Graeme, as it did not add anything to the whole pics topic, but it was relevant to our discussion.

It seems to be public, and I do not know why, or really mind (if Graeme does not mind).

I guess I will be less keen to add comment in a message it the message is public…

I was just curious as to whether the messaging feature worked rather than the content. Is this feature enabled @Richard.Dane ?

I am guessing not, as the content is public, and available for you, James, to see and contribute…

Richard will have to confirm please.

No problem from my side Chris @fergch


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There’s only messaging where initiated by Naim staff or Moderators.


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