John Mayer - Sob Rock

Interesting that Tidal have two versions of this album, both 24 bit FLAC/ 48kHz MQA, but a standard version and a ‘360 Audio’ version. Not seen this before.

Listening to this via Roon (both versions MQA first unfold transcoded to 96khz WAV) the 360 Audio version has a distinctly deeper sound stage and more holographic sound than the standard version. Digital trickery no doubt, but definitely a more involving listen… sounds good!

I believe (and I hadn’t heard of it either) that that 360 version is for headphone listening. All sorts of trickery in there, but supposed to be pretty cool - not tried it myself yet!

Suspect it won’t work via Roon - will need a tidal app on an iPad or similar to work.

I agree. I like his music. The person not so much. Tried by the media (esp NYT). If I did not listen to music made by unsavory characters I would not listen to much


He’s certainly been “cancelled” by the UK media. Who are all saints themselves of course :innocent: …some bloke from Bethlehem had something to say about “those without sin” once if I remember correctly.


Same could be said about Ryan Adams, he’s flawed. However he’s released 2 excellent albums in the past year or so. As it turns out most rock and rollers are troubled souls (there’s a surprise) that’s generally what makes them great artists.

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Just watched the interview, thanks. A lot of hot air out of backsides from both of them imho. However, love the record.
First came across him when watching a recording of the Clapton Guitar Festival from 07 ( I think). I can’t remember someone I had not heard of before grabbing my attention like that. It was his guitar playing. Since got all of his output. He is clearly a brilliant player, but it is what he plays which is the key imho and he does not over do it.
There is an interview on Youtube with Clapton and he does not hold back his praise. Said that he doesn’t think Mayer himself knows how good he is.
Hope Mayer does another Blues/Rock album at some point, perhaps with the Trio again.

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Thanks for the track listing.

Though short of a yacht, I played some of it last night. Thank you Matt. The mental image was very much lots of white linen being worn, and the scent of Acqua di Parma! :slight_smile:

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I’m afraid I agree with the Times.

Not a good album at all.

Glad you enjoyed! …it’s so evocative as you describe. I can’t help but slide my jacket sleeves up when listening to it :relieved:

There is a BBC2 documentary - in two parts - about the origins and path taken by Yacht Rock. I think it’s currently unavailable on iPlayer - but I’m sure you’ll be able to find it. It’s really well done.

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I don’t like the term Yacht Rock. Only heard it a couple of years ago for the first time, applied to Steely Dan. Very insulting I think.


It’s on my Tidal too, if you want the slightly shinier sound quality…

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Oh no - I think it’s great - really sums up the vibe. Slick. Clean. Lite. Tuneful. Summery.

I’m not sure how it’s insulting… :man_shrugging:

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Episode 1…

Episode 2…

…it’s really worth a watch :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately people feel they need to put a label on everything these days.

Just my two cents. I made it into five songs on this album. I just could not take it any more

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Good thing we’re all individuals.

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Great voice, nice guitar tone. Saw him years back at Wembley with my daughters he’s very good. This is very ordinary but for one stand out track - I guess I just feel like.

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You did well I couldn’t get by the opening two bars, in fairness I listened to the opening two bars twice, not for me, reminded me a bit of Joe Borramassa.

Enjoying the new album as I have all the others. They are mainstay, go to listening in the household. Lightweight? Maybe, but it hits the spot. He’s very good at writing and playing earworms.

My favourite 9mins of guitar playing probably ever.

He has improved his singing and controlled the strange face pulling since this and become altogether a cooler product, but I still think this is sensational.


I think this is absolutely it - is this album anything other than smart, tuneful and slick adult orientated pop rock? …no, not really… Is that in any way a bad thing? …well no! …he does have a real ear for an ear worm as you say! …it’s not in the “all killer no filler” category - but there are some real standouts that are up there with his best - and nothing that doesn’t stand out falls anywhere close to offensive.

Comparisons to Joe Bonamassa for this album are totally redundant - it’s a million miles from his cod blues meanderings - compare it to Steely Dan and Dire Straits, well ok…

I’ve not seen that before. Great. But yeah - those faces - how off putting for one, but also it does make me wonder what all those super models see in him! …I guess at least we now all know what they ACTUALLY saw :persevere::relaxed::joy:

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