John Taylor awesome bass playing

I’ve always been a fan of Duran Duran since the 80’s, and lately watching John Taylor’s videos on youtube (one of them below)

he is a seriously talented bass player, and listening to all the songs again, there are some awesome bass lines…

since Naim prides itself on bass, it is worth listening to their albums again (on Naim), just to appreciate John Taylor and how awesome his musicianship is.


At the time didn’t really appreciate Duran Duran, instead falling on the other side of the tracks for preferring Spandau (you couldn’t admit to liking both, bit like a Liverpool/Man Utd half and half scarf). However latterly, with vinyl remasters etc have to say that Rio is a regular spinner and did seem to coincide with my first Naim setup and continued since, so your point is well made.

Most recently I’ve discovered Depeche Modes back catalogue, I always knew their main stuff but it didn’t really call out to me but having taken some advice from a mate who is a fan have been on a spending spree and can’t believe I missed out on some seriously good music, added bonus is their production always seems to be in the top drawer.


All fantastic, any gaps still? You must get Violator + Black Celebration. I’m a big fan of Some Great Reward, which was my first album back when it was released. I like them all to be fair, from Speak and Spell onwards.

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I’ve been a fan of Duran Duran since Rio etc back in the 80’s. The bass for me always came across as the main instrument, with the lithe bass lines creeping all the way through the songs. I really like the way the bass line dovetails with the sax solo in Rio, the instruments only work as a pair, the bass really supports the sax in this song.

Same for Japan, Mick Karn was a genius.


Yup have those two, plus Spirit, Exciter, Songs of faith and devotion. Best of Volume 1 on triple vinyl and on Cd singles 81-98. The day that Amazon introduces a “Back Catalogue” button I am doomed. Same mate that gave me the above albums as recommendations mentioned the band Idaho, I liked what I heard and swiped all their other stuff, think I probably still have 3 of the approx 8 albums in cellophane …

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You definitely need Ultra and Music for the masses.

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I’m supposed to be having a dry May! Thanks for the tips will have a gander.

Ultra is a very special album, gets you gems like this:

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Back to the original post - found this:

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I played bass guitar in a functions/wedding band many moons ago and we were asked by the couple before the event to play Rio. I spent several hours of blood sweat and tears learning the bassline and getting the tempos and dynamics right. The rest of the band had it pretty easy.
On the night the groom changed his mind and wanted Come On Eileen or some other bowlocks.
Was not happy.
Then formed a Jam tribute band and learnt challenging Foxton basslines… like a challenge me.
Anyway, agree, JT is a supremely tasteful player and seems a nice bloke too.

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Duran and Depeche take a large amount of my vinyl and cd collection, pretty much 1100 items according to my Disscogs database

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1100 items on just two bands, how do you manage that?

Exceptional recording on vinyl…album cover feels like it’s recycled cardboard though…

Very true.

Great tip, thanks.

Cds are stored into 25/30 pieces cardboard boxes

And vinyls into this cupboard

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Wow, that’s dedication

Worse than me. Just a peek at some of my duplicates …

and i ripped some of them

A lot more than D.D.

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Amongst the most conspicous in my collection i have
Bauhaus - 87
Depeche Mode - 773
Duran Duran - 325
Brian Eno - 254
Davis Sylvian + Japan - 139
Dead Can Dance - 97
Durutti Column - 97
Pink Floyd - 37 only
The Human League - 59
The Sisters Of Mercy - 59
The Smiths - 150
Morrissey - 296

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