Jonathan Gorse's introduction to Naim, and the new Classics




So sorry to hear that you had to part with the 52/LP12 but I guess better to have loved and lost and all that…

As for Jane S I’m relieved to hear I’m not the only one whose youth was blessed/tortured with unrequited love! :wink:


Probably far more than you can imagine! Mine was Frances H…

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Helen T. Not quite unrequited. Merely disastrous :slight_smile:

@JonathanG no idea what fresh hell he may have unleashed here :slight_smile:

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Brilliant post Mike - made me laugh out loud!!! I think given you got further than the rest of us we need more details… lol

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I fear @Richard.Dane would rightly pull me for going waaaay off topic and it’s probably a Lounge topic in itself. Plus… Sod’s Law and all that. Her husband is probably on here :slight_smile:

Besides which… currently watching the sort of Wrexham game where anything could happen and so far has.

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It continues for many years in my experience. The only cure is to realise how wonderful one’s own partner is. It certainly works with HiFi.


Pete Atkin’s Beware of the Beautiful Stranger captures the one who got away to perfection in my view. Saw him sing it several times. It was his showstopper.

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Aaah thanks French rooster - you remembered!!!

So part 2 is indeed up on Soundstage Ultra and hopefully gives some interesting insights into the factory itself. As ever I’m always interested to hear feedback…

Brg, Jonathan


After a very quick skim, it looks like a fascinating read. Booked 30 minutes of my evening to read it properly!

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I’m surprised that it mentioned Motorola transistors.

Motorola split off their semiconductor business in 2004.

I used to do IT support for the GSM base station side of the business.

Ah just looked up the release date of the 552 :flushed:

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You should more ask @JonathanG , he wrote the review and is among us here. :wink:

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Jonathan G, I didn’t know Justine but Better HiFi was where I first heard and bought my first Naim product!:smiley:

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I didn’t realise the 552 came out in 2002.

It will still have been Motorola Semiconductors then, they split the semiconductor business off in 2004 and called the company Freescale, then later on it became part of NXP.

Bear in mind that the NA007s first appeared in the NAP500 and in the final iterations of the Olive NAP250 (regulation only here).

Thanks Jonathan for a lovely write-up that gives some insight into what still makes Naim so special.


Great article Jonathan. Many thanks for these insights. Must have been a fun day with Jason etc.

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It’s not an attachment , go to the long line of letters and click once, my MacBook opened it fine

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