Jony Ive chooses Linn, possibly Naim

Jon Ive, now lives the San Francisco, chooses Linn as his HIFI system. I was personally at the Basil Audio by chance, and saw Jeremy @ Basil Audio making/tuning some of his Linn stuffs, possibly the Naim Statement for Ive.


He chooses nice things.


Round eraser , one of the tool . What’s for?

When you use the eraser you can rotate it to obtain a clean fresh surface and avoid smearing graphite and dirty waste eraser over your paper. Far cheaper erasers are available from all good art shops.

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Maybe Ive has missed his teachers first design principle: good design is innovative. Oh wait, Ive likes the design principal ‘good design is long-lasting’ more.

I find all these pens and etui’s quite bizar to be honest.

Thanks, didn’t knew it exists :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t saw the link between an Ekos SE and a pencil or eraser. Apart their high cost for each usability of them.

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I was rather stumped by the title of the article, how does he use the torque wrench, Ekos and hex key set as a tool of his trade? In fact, to me only picture three answers the description.

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