Journeying outside the Naimosphere…

… & into the rarified atmosphere of Magnum Dynalab.

Last weekend the 5italic & NATO5 were sent off to new homes … if the new caretakers derive as much joy as I have in the past three years, we’ll all be content.

Ditto the Muso… as much as I enjoyed the beautiful shiny brick it deserved a better home than this one where it slept in the unplugged state until pressed into movie mode from the iMac once a week or less .

I’ll likely come back to a Supernait… augment it with a Magnum Dynalab tuner… FM is the biggest part of my musical life… or perhaps a NAP200, Rothwell Indus SE & MD209 tuner… there’s always the venerable California Audiolab DAC & the Telefunken 12AX7 to provide reliable smooth valve output.

It all ends up in the Monitor Audio SE20 studios … likely the last speakers I ever move in.

Meanwhile, continues its magic with All Blues…
Magnum Dynalab MD 208 receiver |

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