Journey's end 252 has arrived in to the system

Early days with my 252, only a week or so. But I can echo your comments @Antz. Loving the excellent detail, no loss of rythmic engagement, compared to the 282, and punchier bass. My main source is LP12 but the added bonus is how much it has lifted the performance of Radio 3 throught the NAT01. I’ve even plugged in the Rega CD player from the front room system. Currently spinning my wifes Dubliners album and it actually sounds very good. The only downside, that crept in yesterday, is a slight glassiness to the treble end. I’m putting that down down to burn in for the time being. Will give it a few weeks to see if it calms down before I start looking for culprits. The room is a bit lively and to be honest I can’t recall if it was the same with the 282. When you get something new you always spend more time listening critically rather than than simply enjoying the music, maybe that’s all it is.

Hi, ok as you might have read on the old forum, the 252 is rather fussy on support setup and cable dressing… issues here can cause glassiness or brittleness (the same with 552)

So ensure Burndy connectors are not strained, and the lead is hanging freely. Ensure interconnects are hanging freely, and with support, and not surprisingly it sounds pretty good on Fraim, ensure the tensions and resonance control is correctly setup… with Fraim that is ensuring spikes are in cup centres, and the leg tension is correct.

The 252 is a wide bandwidth and sensitive audio component, and it will naturally show up shortcomings in setup, that the more junior Naim components will gloss over… and this can include exposing room resonances in the upper mids and treble

So if you take care of the above, then indeed it may be run in, but I can’t remember run in of electronics ever feeling glassy or brittle.


It was only when I got my year 2000 500 (serviced but not DRed) that I appreciated how supple the Burndies can be. It was always difficult to get them to engage in the connector. It therefore required a bit of twisting to get the alignment.

I recently read that this puts strain on the pins - the ideal being that the pins sit in the female loosely. So does one shake the Burndy to create waves until it is supple and fits the connector easily changing the axis of the waves periodically?


I’m fascinated by the pipe lagging, potentially a very cheap tweak if it works. Being a Yorkshireman this appeals greatly.

Have you used the lagging just where cables touch or to keep them off the ground and away from static?

To avoid contact with other cables. Just use enough without overdoing it. I guess the cables still need to be free.


Thanks @Simon-in-Suffolk. I took the advice re burndy and snaic when installing. A quick double check shows that all is it should be, despite the mess of other cables amazingly. Actually all three burndy cables are hanging free and had a good massage and shake prior to reinstalling.

I don’t have fraim and have had some success with Stillpoints under the Supercap feeding the Superline. Opened this out quite considerably without and obvious adverse effects.

There is a large area of glass bifold doors to the left of the listening position. I wasn’t aware of that as an issue with the 282 but maybe the 252 is bringing it into play as a factor. To the right there is no wall as it leads into open plan kitchen/diner area and this throws off the balance somewhat. Compensate that with the balance control however.

Listening to Donald Fagen at the moment and there is no noticeable sibilance. It’s a good recording though. Maybe it’s all in my head. It’s getting old along with the rest of me. Recently developed slight tinnitus which is a pain.

Do you have blinds or curtains that can be used to cover the bifold doors if you have a piece of music that sounds off. Might give you a clue.

No, the blinds are internal. Changing the sofa shortly so that may affect things. Not much of an issue anyway this morning. Maybe recording specific, the 252 highlighting less than ideal recording or poor pressing. Haven’t noticed it with the NAT01 now I think of it.


Those Briks look great!

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Enjoy your 252 it’s a fantastic pre-amp which will need quite some time before being fully at the 100 percent it can deliver. The end is just the perspective at a single moment in time -:slight_smile:

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Thanks @stuart.ashen, not so great close up unfortunately. The mid and bass units are replacements to original spec but the cabinets were pretty scruffy and gave been painted black, although to a good standard. Would like a fully refurbished pair in black ash.

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So the method I adopt, though takes a bit of practice, is to insert the connectors by gripping the cable, not the connectors. This does require you to approximately shape the lead before you insert, and plan the orientation of the Burndy connectors.
The multi strand cable does benefit from flexing to help loosen it. You can feel it becoming more supple as you flex it… just make sure you do this with no one looking… you might get some strange stares otherwise.:grinning:


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