JRiver - Naim downconverting FLAC to MP3 - why

OK - this is weird. I just set up JRMC 28 to act a music server for a Naim streaming product. 99.9% of my library is FLAC or ALAC. When I play a track using JRemote, things are fine, but when I play the same track using the Naim app, the app reports that the track has been converted to mp3 320.

I am posting the same issue on the JRiver forum, as I don’t know what is causing this. I do know that when I was using Twonky as my server, the Naim app did not have this problem.

I guess same cause & solution as here:

The default when you set up dlna in jriver is to transcode to mp3, you have to change the dlna settings.

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Hmm. Now it tells me that the file is a 24 bit WAV file.

This is a CD Quality FLAC file.

Edit - also had to switch audio to Mode original

Not sure why JRemote had the format correct. One of life’s mysteries.

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