Jubilee Concert: I expected cheese, I got big emotion. Am I drunk?

Mega impressed by an event that I expected to be cringeworthy. Whoever directed/produced this event is an absolute star. Brilliant spectacle, genuinely moving. How was your experience of it? Am I delusional?


I am much like you, it was way past my expectations. Super professional & pretty well perfect, even if some acts were not my genre/style.
The only let down was Diana Ross, surely a better choice, if she was able, would have been our own national treasure, Shirley Bassey.


Absolutely, I thought some of the music acts were disappointing but in terms of a spectacle it was excellent. The projections onto the palace and the drone lights were stunning.


Agreed. The production was excellent. I’ve had the TV connected to my hi fi for some time, but mainly for movie watching. Last night I turned it up for the jubilee concert… Fabulous.

Not impressed with the few artists that were miming! But those who could and did sing…stunning. Diana Ross had a tough job to wrap things up, let’s cut her some slack she’s pretty old now and was clearly missing her glasses!

And Rod Stewart…murdering Sweet Caroline! Let’s just say not to my taste!

Not really my thing but everyone clearly had a good time, well done.

It was generally very impressive. I did spend most of the time working out who was miming and who wasn’t.

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Some of the acts were a bit iffy (I’m looking at you Rod/Diana!) But as a spectacle, it was great!

Paddington stole the show!


I spent the evening listening to vinyl, does this mean I will be sent to the tower for being unpatriotic?


I came in at the beginning as I thought Mrs Bruss wanted company. I stayed until the end and thought ‘this is what Britain can do’. It may have been a reaction to the current conditions, but it gave me hope for a better future Britain. Emotional.

(Shame about the ageing ‘merican closing the show though).


Nope, its the beauty of living in Britain.


It had the advantage of building up the concert as it went along to a suitable climax. Well, Diana Ross, wasn’t she a favourite of Prince Charles from way back?
Not my sort of music. All shouting seems to be the current trend.
Ed Sheeran tonight.

Thought the whole concert was very uplifting and speeches were emotional. Only Rod let the side down (why anyone would pay good money to see him live these days is beyond me; his voice has been shot for years).


We’ve been to see Paul Metcalfe twice now (the Rod Stewart tribute chap), and I have often said that I bet he sounds much better than Rod.

“A man’s got to know his limitations”: there has to be a time when you admit you just can’t do it anymore. Rod is not the only one by a long chalk

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Absolutely. Seeing the Who now is so sad, Roger’s voice is just a mere shadow of the 60/70/80s.

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I thought it was excellent and appropriate for the platinum celebrations. Emotional to me.
Queen to open very appropriate , incredible that Brian May and Roger Taylor ( 75 and 73 years) can perform like that


We are in a France and therefore missed it. This holiday was rescheduled due to Covid and at the time we re-booked the ferry we had no idea that this four day fiasco was happening. It’s absolutely perfect timing.


If you are a republican thats fine for you - but no need to insult the occasion and our Monarch by calling it a four day fiasco- why dont you just stay in France permanently


I thought that bearing in mind the issues imposed by such a broad audience, the concert was very good. Outstanding production and the sequencing of acts - who stuck to time limits - was exceptional. Brilliant drones!

I am biased, but I thought Q + AL were immense and laughed at the spoon and drum intro to WWRY. Surprised myself by enjoying the ‘shows’ section and I thought Diversity were brilliant as was the ballet.

Really pleased to see the purposeful efforts to avoid the ‘old, white men’ bill of so many events. They did well to have strong female led acts. Loved Tom Daley’s ‘pride’ comment and the rainbow confetti cannon. Just shows why the UK is such a leader in the creative world.


Well there were a few sops thrown in to help appease HH such as Lee Mack’s irreverent partygate jibe (shame the cameras didn’t zoom in on BJ) and Stephen Fry’s quip about how many PM’s HM has had to tolerate over the ages. But if the whole thing is a turn off to you, well, turn off and move on.

I found the sheer physicality and scale of Andrea Bocelli’s singing altogether mind blowing and I managed to amaze myself by sitting through the entire event. Overall I think it was a brilliant event, so bravo from me to the organisers and performers for such a fantastic effort.



If you’re not whining about how people write, you’re adding insults in a thread clearly being enjoyed by everyone. Have another look at your post, it has mistakes which some people may find irritating.