Judge Dredd would have been a Naim user - Any lovers of 2000Ad out there?

As a kid I couldn’t wait for the next edition of 2000AD to be in at the newsagents.

Combination of great storylines but even more brilliant artwork really caught my imagination, any other fans out there?


Where to start…

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Oh yes. Bought it from 1st edition and carried on for many, many years. I remember vividly my utter depression at watching Sly Stallone ruin the Dredd film


Yeah, it kinda mirrored my disappointment at the Dune efforts (latest one excepted) , in that all you had to do was take one of the many carefully crafted stories that even had visuals and put it on the damned screen, how hard can it be!

In line with that, how many other stories should have made the big screen, Strontium Dog? Rogue Trooper, Slaine?


Ok contentious but never liked Thargg, the editor, wasn’t needed.

I started at the end of the ABC warriors, main story lines for me were Nemisis, Dredd obviously , Strontium Dog.


Read it regularly between 82-86.

Not always easy to get a copy. I remember visiting about ten newsagents to get prog.4–

Favs and still think it is Alan Moore’s best work ‘Halo Jones’ and the Nemesis period with Bryan Talbot’s artwork.

There were rumours of Netflix doing a Dredd series, but covid happened. Bugger Marvel Cinematic Universe or DC, we need a 2000AD Cinematic Universe.


Also had a mate who was a huge Madness fan and he had a 12 inch release about Judge Dredd, for the life of me don’t know who did it, only mention the Madness link as may have been distantly involved, or maybe not.

He used to play it on his Sharp portable with the vertical turntable.

Same period as me, might have started in 80 thinking back, Shoot, Scoop (football) , 2000 Ad and then the pick of the best Marvel.


Although had to be said I got the daddy of all “portable” boxes in a Phillips 8634 (that’s a guess) had wooden speakers sprayed silver and took 12 batteries and 70 W rms 1.2 metres long.

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Rogue Trooper would have made a great film but the one I would really have liked them to film would be Nemesis the Warlock!


Yes, I remember that, released around 85. I forgot it existed until you said.

Or The Ballad of Halo Jones

That’s it!

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Oh my goodness. My secret is discovered. I’ve been found out…

Joseph Dredd is alive and well and can be found hanging out in our house.

To answer your headline question - YES - he is definitely a Naim user. :+1:

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I’m pretty sure I got it for Bolland’s cover artwork. A trip to the attic is needed. However, I stupidly sold some records when I left school.

Dredd would give all Naim users 20 years in a cube for disturbance of the peace


When I was a lad, I did a paper round. My money got spent on comics.

Early on it was Marvel. Spider-Man was a favourite. I still have loads of these. Also Captain Britain.

Then, in 1977, published this new thing called “2000AD”. Soon after, came Tornado and StarLord too.

Wow, was it good. I couldn’t wait for a Saturday morning and the next edition.

Going around to the News Agent shop - on the corner - was a highlight.

Eventually, I had comics saved - with my name on - to collect.

Later, we had them delivered. Luxury.

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Strontium Dog, one of favourites. Maybe on a par with JD.

SD was one of the characters to survive from StarLord, when it merged with 2000AD. Also, created (visualised) and drawn by my hero Carlos Ezquerra. Same as Judge Dredd.

Long since deceased had a good go at collecting everything. Removed the legs off his bed at one point and Dredd editions held the whole thing up. Honestly never understood it.

A Dredd series would be nice :+1: