Julian Assange - hero, villain or scapegoat?


The airwaves are thrumming with the arrest of Mr.Assange - opinions on the popular phone-in programmes seem to fall into 2 camps:

1: Mr.Assange is a journalist who exercised freedom of speech to expose wrongdoing by the US Military and the charges he faces are trumped-up excuses brought by governments to get him into the hands of the Americans.

2: Mr.Assange broke the law by jumping bail and evading arrest and as he is in the UK should be subject to the same laws as everyone else.

3: The UK, Ecuador and Sweden are being leaned on by the US to hand him over and are spineless puppets.

My understanding is that Mr.Assange holed himself up in the Embassy on the grounds that giving himself up would mean (in his opinion) that he would be extradited to the US. Whether he would or wouldn’t, I find it hard to believe that he would not have known the consequences of his actions when he set his company up. I can’t fathom out why he thought he would be immune from prosecution. Perhaps he didn’t and his intention was/is to be martyred but if that was the case, why not give himself up straight away rather than choose to hide?



Personally I don’t like Wikileaks and so I don’t mind him being extradited to the US. But more to the point he is evading investigation and trial for sexual offences in Sweden, some of which are now out of time, and he showed contempt for UK law and justice by evading the UK court process.
The Ecuadorians should have shown him the door soon after his attempt to claim asylum in their London Embassy but for their own political purposes they chose not to - an unwise move.

It hasn’t really ended well for anyone, least of all him. Also not well for Corbyn who is in the process of demonstrating publicly again why he is completely unsuitable to be PM.



He’s one of lifes contemptuous little s##ts.
He deliberately leaked classified information, like he has a “right” to circumvent the law & to become the savour of mankind in doing so.
He evaded questioning over charges in Sweden, I don’t think he was actually charged, he was just wanted for questioning. But whatever he avoided going to Sweden by claiming he was innocent but the Swedes would use the opportunity to extradite him to the US. So its the extradition to US that he is running from.
Now despite that the Swedish case has run out of time & is dropped, he continued to stay holed up in the embassy in breach of a UK court order. Why, its the extradition to US that he is running from.

So lets wait & see what the next moves are. But for me he must be extradited ASAP & face the music in USA. If - as he claims - he can make a case to prove he has a right to publish his leaks, great, go face the law. Or spend the rest of his life on the run. Personally I’m not really bothered either way as long as its not in & costing the UK tax payers.

Corbyn has a right to express an opinion, but like a lot of his previous supported people & organisations, I disagree.
Agree he is completely unsuitable to be PM, but I fear it might be happening next time around.



It’s typical of Jeremy Corbyn who should keep his nose out and focus on solving his own problems. Assange is not a British Citizen and who is he to question the legitimacy of another country’s laws?

If he wants to do that he should consider campaigning for the release of Nazanin Zaghari-Radcliffe.



Absolutly agree something a lot more & a lot better needs to be done over Nazanin Zaghari. But please lets not get Corbyn involved, he will f### that up as well.

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:small_blue_diamond:I has only one comment about this invertebrate insect.

He fled Sweden to the United Kingdom to avoid prosecution.
:black_small_square:Several women here in Sweden accused “Mr. Assange” of Sexual Crimes and Rape.!!

That Is The Only Reason Why He Ended Up In The UK.
And later at the embassy,.to avoid being extradited to Sweden.

When he ended up at the embassy,…he began…Talking About The United States.

:small_orange_diamond:This is to try to reduce,.and make people forget,…That Sweden tried to get him extradited for the very serious offense…Rape and Sexual Crimes.!!

A spineless insect,…According to me and many,many in Sweden.




Wherever Assange has been he left the same stench of betrayal behind - but I edited what I wrote. Didnt feel right to repeat a lot of hearsay.



Did Iwrite wikipeadia? A mistake if I did. Thanks for pointing it out.

I removed what I wrote. Thee are enough people writing bad stuff about him. No need for me to add to it.

I’m going to listen to music for a while now. Always makes me happy :slight_smile:



I appreciate what Wikileaks stands for - and is important to have these non establishment checks and balances in our current world where line of accountabilities can often be blurred, distorted or hidden.
But I do agree Assange is or has become a rather narcissistic individual



As a Swede I am in line with what Peder write.

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It’s entirely possible for Assange to be a nasty person at the same time as the Wikileaks release of classified information into the public domain being of general benefit. If you doubt Labour’s position, then you ought to read some of the American commentators (links on the Guardian website) who are extremely concerned about threats to the First Amendment of the American constitution if the extradition and trial of Assange goes ahead as requested by the American authorities. Finding him guilty of these supposed breaches of the law would make journalistic investigation very difficult. One example might be the threat to a journalist who revealed information about the problems with the Boeing 737 as passed on by a whistleblower. The release of classified information is of course problematical in that it can put individuals at risk; on the other hand, classifying information is often used as a way of concealing unacceptable policies and actions, and there were certainly elements of this in the Wikileaks case. An amusing side line to this is Trump’s declared ignorance of Wikileaks now, compared to his enthusiasm for its activities during the election.



I’m certainly not a fan but is it not possible that the swedish sex crimes thing was fabricated to discredit him - not that he needed to be but it does sound a bit obvious



:small_blue_diamond:Hollow,…That’s exactly what “Mr. Assange’s” propaganda machine wants to make the world believe.
Lay out Fog-curtains,.so people will start to doubt.
Just like you are now doing with this post.




Sure, I’m not saying it’s the case but floating as a possibility or alternatively a ploy to have him extradited and arrested, were the charges dropped? Peder I’m not doubting as such but I prefer facts rather then accusations or speculations. Just so as you’re clear I’m NOT a fan!!



I get that websites like Wikileaks are doing a service and that people like Manning, Snowden and Assange are brave people for the risks they take to shine a light on cover-ups, etc but I question Assange’s true motives. Did any of them seriously believe the breaking of laws to obtain and publish this information did not apply to them? I would have more respect and sympathy if they’d handed themselves in to face the music and stand trial. 7 years on after the event, the furore over Assange will focus on his jumped bail, sexual assault and extradition proceedings rather than the transgressions of the US Military. The conclusion I have reached is that Assange really cares very little about the killing of civilians he brought to light and more about himself and his own celebrity.



:small_blue_diamond:Hollow,…Exactly…We All Want That.

But that was why “Mr. Assange” fled from Sweden…

To prevent the facts from coming to light.




Latest press is that Assange could face a renewed investigation into the allegation of rape in Sweden.
Swedish prosecutors said they were examining the case at the request of the alleged victim’s lawyer.






Yeah, very funny, problem is the Orange One needs Assange & all that a court case will open up like a hole in the head. But thinking about that, bring it on, we might rid the world of two undesirables with one shot.

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