Julian pics

From a visit to Naim and our homes Fu San in Soundrecopal 1993 Japanese magazine


@Pauls , thanks for posting these. I remember seeing this, although of course, couldn’t read the article! Can you tell us anything more about the visit, and do you any more interesting pics to share on here?

Hi Richard, at the time this was a very important visit from this highly respected Japanese journalist, he stayed with us for a few days, came over to my place to play some guitars, lots of demos at the factory and at our houses. This was part of a 5 page story on Naim.
I am sure I have more photos and will post some as I come across them.


I personally would like to see more of this type of memorabilia. Thanks Paul.

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Great pictures keep them coming.

I’m still waiting for Richard Dane’s book about the history of Naim Audio. :blush:


I hope its coming out soon to, perhaps @Charlie henderson will do the right thing for the company and commission @richarddane to start/complete the Naim story up to date with Bentley and Princess boats. If Rega can put out books…
Naim what are you waiting for?

Ltd run-hard back-coffee table-tome.

Using kick-starter or such this should be doable!?

Sign me up :+1:


If interested and if you have the whole article, I could translate it for you.

People still remember Naim here 11 years after they pulled out of the Japanese market.

That’s very kind, if Naim want it, I have the magazine. We really tried hard to get back into Japan but just didn’t find the right partner. We did well with Muso with a company called Modernity but they didn’t do Hiend. It’s a shame I really felt many Japanese would love what we did and I loved to be in a japan:)


Hi Paul great to see these pictures best Devraj

:small_blue_diamond:When we are now talking about Julian pictures.
I visited a friend today,…he got a special present when he filled 60 years.

This above is a painting,.painted by an artist.
It is a picture of Julian,…who this artist painted a painting of.
My friend has this painting in his music-listening room.
As you will understand,…he is Naim fanatic.



What a fantastic idea, it could be extended to other iconic images of Naim calendards

I don’ t remember the reason of Naim witdrawal from the Japanese market.


Our last major distributor retired from selling hifi to concentrate on his wine business, we just never connected with another company that really got the Naim story, no issue with 100v, it’s just a people story.
Just filling in Adam:)

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That’s not the story I heard from the UK Naim rep at all.

When ordering all my gear to be shipped to Japan, my dealer was told by the Naim rep that the cost of doing the mandatory QA checks for 100v was astronomical per unit due to the low sales volume and the fact 99% of homes in Japan have no earthing just meant it was time to pack it in.

I also notice how in 2007, there were loads of UK brands in Japan. Then the financial crisis hit and in 2008 they were nearly all gone at the same time. Unless you are making speakers, being a foreign hifi brand in Japan is pretty tough these days.

When speaking to an ex Naim dealer here, he told me the bigger problem was that the market for Naim had literally died off. All his ex Naim customers were pushing 80 or pushing up daisies and that the hi end separates market was in an awful state for a long time. He was a big Naim fan but the resale value on a 1 year old 282 in 2015 was about GBP500-800 depending on exchange rate, such is the market these days.

Sorry but your wrongly informed, I made all the decisions on Japan, we even supplied Audio Union 100v for many years. The story is the story we couldn’t find the right partner.


I want one!

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I recall a friend of a friend telling a story about how he had a number of beers with JV while on a business trip to the UK. Apparently JV had a little fold away electric bike in the boot of his car which was used for alternative transportation measures after a few :beers:
Not saying this is factual just saying what I heard.


Really like your pictures, did you take them yourself?

Yes, they are my much beloved pictures in my hallway opposite the throne room. She won’t let me have them in our lounge (unsure why not🤔)
As you can see one Easter egg has survived so far.