Jump into an NDX2 or ND555

Ok, I’ll fully admit I am behind the times a bit on streaming (or maybe not). I currently have an HDX SSD that is run into an nDAC which is powered by a 555 PS (non DR). I have music loaded onto two USB sticks plugged into the back of my HDX. I separately stream from a sonos into the nDAC for internet music via Deezer HIFI (Flac). The question is, do I ditch the whole HDX, Sonos, and nDAC setup for an NDX2 or ND555? Can you run Deezer or equivalent through an ND555 or NDX2? Would I still connect the nDAC? Would it sound much better than what I currently have?

I also have no way to home demo anything and have over time pieced this together.

The rest of my system is a 552 (non DR) and 300 DR into NBL’s. I have a turntable as well but sees less use with two little ones in the house. Always have the music going though!


Sorry I can’t really help with regards to if it will sound a lot better but I would think an ND555 most certainly would.
Unfortunately you would only be able to play Deezer using the in built Chromecast with does a fantastic job but I don’t believe it’s quite as good as either Qobuz or Tidal which is the main hires two that have direct integration.



If that was my system i would
Get the 552 serviced and DR’ed
Keep the ndac and 555ps
Buy a melco to run your streaming and storage

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I would expect ndx2 to sound a lot better, and the nd555 certainly should (i have had nd5xs, ndx and nds but now have nd555). NB You would have to have 555ps as well as nd555 (nd555 must have 555ps to make it work and can take a second) but that would be optional on ndx2. Dunc mentions Melco to store music files on - a Naim core does a similar job but is more user friendly (unless you have a large classical music selection that you want to tag in a sophisticated way)

The melco ex will do streaming, store your files and roon if you want to use that, all in one box.
As you have a non Dr 555ps, this is supposed to suit the ndac more than a DR’ed one, plus the ndac with a 555ps driving it should be very good.
If you go nd555, then you will really want the 555ps DR’ed.
But as always loads of ways to go, it all depends on your budget as its easy to just say get the top unit in every answer, but the cost to do this doesn’t give you best value for money.
Getting your 552 up to date will bring an upgrade to everything and you might find that is enough

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Don’t underestimate the capabilities of your NDAC/555. Sure, there are other good DACs around, but if you like what it does you will need some expensive Naim boxes to compete with it.
If you want to update your streaming sources an ND5XS2 will give you all the benefits of the higher level Naim streamers for a lot less money when used via SPDIF out. That includes much improved iRadio with some lossless FLAC stations now available. Deezer currently has no native support from Naim. I would recommend giving Qobuz a try if it’s available to you, there’s lots of 24 bit material available which gives it the edge over other streaming services to my ears.


But as the ndac is very close to the nds and the nds very close to the ndx2, I feel the only thing it’s going to offer is a better streaming board and that’s going to cost quite a bit just to get that and much cheaper ways to do it and get more than this way ???
But as I have said it all depends on what you want


I would tend to agree with @ChrisSU adding an nd5xs2 would give your ndac a great streaming platform.

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I am not sure how much of an upgrade to SQ you will get from a NDX2 replacing your nDAC/HDX. You certainly will get a considerable improvement with a ND555, even with a non DR 555PS powering it, and you will be getting the best from your 552 feeding it. I have a non DR 552 with my ND555 and although I might get a bit more SQ by DR’ing it, I feel no great urge to. My PS555 is however a DR model so I am not sure what you might be loosing by running a ND555 from a non DR 555PS.

Anyway, IMO you will get a great uplift in SQ using a non DR 552 and non DR 555PS with a ND555. You can always DR these units later. See if you can organise a home demo of the ND555 and NDX2 which will put the whole debate to bed.

If you go the route of a ND, you will need to think about a decent server but a decent NAS with Asset can be had for a (very) few hundred pound and will get you going and sound rather good.

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I compared the same source as you to an NDX2 and I preferred the HDX/nDAC/555PS so I don’t think it’s a certainty that you’ll prefer the sound of the NDX2.

IMO the nDAC can still compete with current Naim sources except maybe the ND555.


I have been using a ND555 for nearly three years with a 555 dr power supply. I did use a NDX2 in place of the ND555 when it went to Naim for repair at the time I was using a 252 and to be quite honest as good as the NDX2 is the ND555 is so much better as it should be bearing in mind the cost difference.

I can’t commit on the other options as I have not heard them.

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As others have mentioned the ND5XS2 seems like a safe bet feeding your existing nDac/555, the nDac fed with a none DR 555 takes some beating.

Thanks everyone. I do plan to DR the 552 and 555 at some point. They are pretty far out here in the U.S. approximately next February. I’m guessing I would DR the 552 first and then the 555, I’ll look into the ND5XS2 as well. I didn’t consider that option. I also need to figure out connections with either.

The other thought I had was a used NDS?

I wouldn’t, what for? All it would give you is a worse streaming transport and network interface than an ND5xs2 into your nDAC/555 (which already is very close to NDS)

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I owned an NDX2 with an XPSDR and was impressed with the sound. I then had a good offer on a 555PS DR and the improvement was amazing.
I’ve since had a good offer to replace the NDX2 with an ND 555 and the result is another world entirely.
If you can afford it the ND555 is well worth it. If you can’t keep well away from this website!


The only upgrade is a 555 the other options are sideways. HDX, NDAC, 555 is reference quality.

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My recent journey too and I 100% concur.



If you want to mainly stream Qobuz or Tidal, the Nds is not a good choice. In that case the Nd5xs2 into your Ndac/555 ps would be the best, or Innuos Zenith 3 into Ndac/ 555 ps.
But if you don’t bother with online streaming, the Nds would be the best choice for money and well ahead of your actual source. You could keep your Hdx and use it as a Nas/ ripper.
In the old forum a lot have found the Nds/555dr well ahead vs Hdx/Ndac/555ps.

Try to have a listen to a 555DR in your system before you commit to the upgrade. There are plenty who prefer the non-DR version with the NDAC, which is possibly to be expected given that it was developed before DR tech arrived.