Just a little bit of help please

My Naim 300 and 282 have been boxed up for the past 7 months, due to a house move etc…Since then I have added a SuperCap DR (Which replaced the HiCap DR) and a NDX 2.

It’s now time to unleash my music. However, I’m having a blonde moment!

I have read the instruction manuals of the 300, SuperCap, and the 282, until I’m blue in the face.
I’m stuck with the two 3 pin cables on the 300. (CH1 Left Ch2 Right) I’m almost sure they go into the SuperCap, but where? Please see the attached screenshot.
I have connected the Burndy, and SNAIC cables without issue.

Please could someone help. Thanks

Edit: Connections now all made, but I have no sound from the Left Channel.

Sockets 3 and 4.

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Does this assist ?..the official Naim connection guide…

Connection-Guide-Amplification-2017.pdf (cymbiosis.com)

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Thank you so much @hungryhalibut. Does it matter which way around? CH1 into Socket 3, Ch2 into Socket 4, or vise versa?

Thanks @YorkshirePud

That won’t matter (at the Supercap end), but what will is that you use the green banded cable for Channel 1 (Left) and the red banded cable for Channel 2 (Right).


Both Supercap outputs are stereo so it doesn’t matter which. But the leads are mono so you must connect the green one to Ch 1 on the 300 and the red one to Ch 2.

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Thank you @hungryhalibut :+1:

Thanks Richard :+1:

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All working now?

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I have checked all connections, including Burndy, but there is no sound from the left channel? Green is to Ch1, Red to Ch2.

Using 3 & 4 on the SuperCap.

Hopefully not an NDX2 relay issue. Do you get sound on both channels if you select mono on the 282 top row buttons ?

Just to check, you have got both SNAIC5 cables connected between 282 and SC ?


Hi James

Selected Mono, still no sound from the Left Channel.

I’m sure it’s nothing to do with it, but should this link plug be connected somewhere on the 282?54f1a4e597c1838193d13e98d57f420087808593_2_666x500

Nope, not when using a Supercap and two SNAIC5 cables - check the 282 is connected like this to the Supercap

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My connections are exactly as per the diagram. I disconnected them and reconnected them, but still no sound.
With no source playing, you can hear the slight hiss from the Right speaker, but nothing from the Left.

Could the issue be with the 300? Is there a way to test the Left Channel? It was working fine when I boxed it up 7 months ago.

One more thing to try. The two SNAIC5 cables between the 282 and SC. Swap them over. I take it that there are no flashing lights (source mute button on the 282) ?

If no change and you’ve checked all is well with the cables between 300 and speakers, then it’s time to call your dealer as from what you describe with no hiss at all on the left channel, it could be a 300 issue. I take it you don’t have another spare Naim power amp knocking around ?

Just swapped over the two SNAICs, still no sound or hiss from Left Channel.

No flashing lights on the 282.
No spare Naim amps.

I need to establish what black box is the issue, before I start shipping stuff back to Salisbury.

You’ll need to go via a dealer as you can’t ship stuff straight back to Naim yourself. They’ll be able to help you troubleshoot by substitution to find where the fault lies.

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Thanks James

I have only just moved, so I’m about 120 miles from my dealer. I’ll call him tomorrow and see what he suggests.

Without blowing my speakers/system up, what would happen if I switched speaker cables around?

God I love my Nova…