Just a minute.. RIP Nicholas Parsons!

I just heard on the news that Nicholas Parsons has passed away. Many of us in the UK will remember him coming “live from Norwich” on Sale of The Century, but I expect he’s most loved and admired for his honey smooth manner in hosting Radio 4’s Just a Minute, which he did since it’s inception in 1967. Goodbye Nicholas and thanks.


A true professional, unflappable…RIP, Nicholas

That is sad news. Thank you Nicholas.

Very sad news. He was a bright guy, with a passion for clocks and watches. In addition to the TV and radio shows hopefully some will today remember his TV documentary on the story of the Marie Antoinette Bruguet watch. RIP


Thanks Nicholas one of the seemingly ever present personalities during my radio listening life. You will be sadly missed from Just a minute.

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I’ve always loved Nicholas Parsons’ shows over the years. What a huge achievement to keep going at such a high level until the age of 96. He’ll be hugely missed.


Very sad to hear.

Sale of the Century was regular viewing in our household when I was a lad, and from memory it’s only quite recently he missed an episode or two of Just a Minute.

A professional, intelligent broadcaster, and came across as a true gentleman.

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He represented what the BBC used to be, sadly its now pathetic RIP


There was a good tribute edition of his programme at 6.30 this evening on R4. Easily findable.

I used to listen to Just a Minute on the World Service whist living in Malta :malta:- Nicholas Parsons, Kenneth Williams, Derek Nimmo, Peter Jones.

Fabulous , on another place , others shared my memories, recently I bought some of the episodes from that era to listen on the iPod :iphone: whilst in Malta :malta:. The years tumbled away.

Great memories.

Why not just celebrate the man and his life rather than mix it up with your negative view of the BBC now?


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