Just a simple question re Class A service

Hi all. Just want to ask your experience of approximately how long I’ve got to wait for the return of my nap 200 from class A (sent it on 15 June), & what’s the differences I am to expect (rest of system: NDXbt, 202 etc, ATC scm 11). I have just emailed Darren to ask ‘when’ & the cost of getting 202 serviced in the future, but would like to hear your opinions re what to expect in ‘sound‘ :blush:
Ps: missing it desperately :grimacing::blush:

I sent my 180 on a Monday and it was back by Friday, but with Covid things seem to be slower. Only Darran (not Darren) will be able to tell you. As for the sound it will be more lively; you’ll be able to give your view once it’s back.

The ‘Darren’ was my phone spell checker changing it (damn thing :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:) Yep: ‘Darran’ :wink::blush:

I’ve just sent my Nait 2 off to Darran and he said that the turn around is about a week, longer if he has to order in specific parts for an unexpected problem. He said that he returned full time on 16th June, so not quite up to full speed yet, but he’s getting there.

Can’t comment on potential sound quality improvements - this is the first time I’ve had anything serviced!

Collected my Nait 2 from Darran on Tuesday after a full MOT and it sounds wonderful, good as new.

Fantastic turnaround from Class A highly recommended.

Sent all my stuff to Darran…actually drove it there…82/2xhicaps/250/ and LP12. All in all it took about 3 weeks…got it back a week ago and after a few days sounds better than I remember it. Now missing the LP12 as that is in at Cymbiosis for a new Cirkus, Lingo 3 and DV20…really looking forward to getting that back on Monday!

180, are you building a second system?

That was about 10 years ago, so perhaps not so relevant today. My second system, in the study, is a UQ2 and Neat Iotas.

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Darran is the man when it comes servicing Naim kit. Reasonably priced (why would you send old kit to Naim?) and the turnaround time is good. Long may he be around and not think of retiring!


I sent my Snaps ( powers the Nat 101 ) off to Darren Class A to service it as it was only producing 23.3 volts instead of the required 24.5 volts.

Early January this year fantastic work, was back powering the tuner within 10 days. Excellent service and turnaround.



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