Just about to pull the trigger

…on either a pair of Dynaudio Special 40s or Contour 20is. Have listened to them back to back in store (none nearby - have had to travel), albeit with a different setup (Auralic streamer and Supernait) to my home all Naim setup. I am genuinely torn - the Special 40s were fantastic, albeit noticeable in missing the bottom end compared to my current B&W 704s (no surprise perhaps). The 20is had a similarly open and detailed midrange, but went a bit (but not much) deeper. Any thoughts from others who’ve made a similar decision? I’m not sure the Contours were really worth nearly twice as much. Any views welcome (appreciate ‘ask for a home demo’) will be one comment and I may do that, but doubt I can do that with both!

Looking at your profile, your system is a bit unbalanced. The 202 is generally agreed to be a less than ideal bedfellow for the 250, so on that basis I’d be getting the cheaper speakers and swapping the 202 for a 282. And yes, do try the Special 40 at home.

Thanks! Sorry I meant to update profile - already switched up to a 282!

Great. In that case I’d be getting the cheaper speakers and an XPSDR. If you do go with the Contours, it makes the desirability of a source upgrade that much greater. It all depends how much funding is available.

I agree with HH here, whichever speakers you go for the NDX really deserves an XPS in a system of that calibre.

If you can afford the Contour 20 but are not crazy about how they look - you may want to listen to the Heritage Special - at least that is what i would want to do :slight_smile:

More seriously: if you have the feeling that the Special 40s are fantastic and are half the price, maybe you got your answer already…

Thanks everyone - am edging towards the Special 40s. Heritage Specials definitely out of my price range. Am thinking can always add a sub later on.

Dynaudios work really well with REL subs.

I think Special 40s would be seriously outclassed by your front-end. Or the other way around, your beautiful Naim stack will be held back playing into speakers of this quality & price level imo (I know them, they are fine, for their price).

I would strongly recommend to audition the Contour 20s and Heritage Specials at home on your system in your room to make a well judged decision.

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