Just discovered Ayreon, anyone else?

Its possible that I am younger than you… But not very likely… :thinking:

YouTube’s ‘algorithm’ keeps putting Ayreon (or Anneke… or Nightwish…) into my feed, so…

And now… this… :astonished:

(its Nightwish related… Former lead singer, post Anette, pre-Floor - one night only, 28th Sept 2012 - extra points if you already knew this… and can name the other singer…)

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Or maybe this is… better… :expressionless:

I have seen the nightwish documentary, so I should know her name, but it has escaped me! Out with the family for a meal at the moment but will be sure to watch this video and find her name, I think was effectively sacked while she was poorly on tour, and replaced for one night by two other lady metal singers?

Oh, and 66!

Correct, that was 28th Sept '12 - and the singer for Arch Enemy was one of the 2 stand ins for that night. Floor took over from the next concert.

And was asked if she could learn the whole set list in 24 hours, which she did, that’s some feat I think!

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I believe it was 48 hours - which may have included the flight to the US… :astonished:

( I posted several ‘samples’ from the rest of that Nightwish US tour, which showed how Floor improved - very quickly - over a matter of days, on my Nightwish thread - From Post 423 onwards.)

PS. This is @Nickd 's Ayreon thread…!!! :crazy_face:

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It might be my original thread, but your input is more than welcome my friend, these thread’s after all belong to all of us, thank you!

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He is 6’8” in Southern India as there is less gravity there.


@Nickd - You are most kind… :slightly_smiling_face:

Kinder than the average Bear… :teddy_bear:

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We sometimes forget that in the live Universe shows there are 3 singers who stand at the back of the stage and between them do a brilliant job of supporting, enhancing and generally, to use modern language, “killing it”.
Yet are all world class singers in their own right.

This appeared on my YT feed, it’s by one of the reactors but there isn’t a reaction.

Ayreon’s Angels take the lead.

Personally speaking there is a lot of love out there for the elder Jansen sister, but @ 5:00 minutes I hadn’t realised just how powerful Irene’s voice is and more importantly she isn’t in a band every day (I have a vague recollection she’s a nurse or is that Annette from Nightwish).

Move over Floor I got this.


Nice find…!! Which I had never seen before. Thank you.

Yes, 3 great ‘backing’ singers… lols… :crazy_face:

Floor was at her younger sister Irene’s wedding, back in late 2012. when her phone rang… It was Nightwish, asking if she was busy…


OK so all Aeyreonauts know that statement in When The a world Breaks Down when the Tall Hippie Dude didn’t know a young Floor wanted to be a Biologist when she grew up so she became one for a”The Source”

Well, after the previous post about the Aryreon Angels i thought I know Irene’s history and Marcela’s but what about Lisette van den Berg

Well she IS a biologist having gained a Masters Degree in Behavioural Biology and studied primates etc she thought she would persue her other passion singing and enrolled at the Rock Academy.

For further info here is an interview with her after releasing her first album (almost)



@IanRobertM et al
Videos from Tilburg last night starting to sppear
But apparently the audience were specifically asked not to post vids as DVD incoming

:astonished: :crazy_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Well… would be a shame not to…

Waking Dreams - 16th Sept 23 - Tilburg


The official Arjen - Ayreon intro YouTube -


Full details - from Arjen’s website -


Keys: Joost van den Broek
Drums: Ed Warby
Guitar: Marcel Coenen
Guitar: Timo Somers
Bass: Johan van Stratum


Flute: Jeroen Goossens
Violin: Ben Mathot
Cello: Jurriaan Westerveld


Marcela Bovio
Irene Jansen
Jan Willem Ketelaers


Tom Englund
Daniel Gildenlöw
Hansi Kursch
Jonas Renkse
Anneke van Giersbergen
Simone Simons
Marjan Welman
Liselotte Hegt
Maggy Luyten
Phideaux Xavier
Arjen Lucassen


Damian Wilson
Brittney Slayes
Micheal Mills
John Jaycee Cuijpers

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Trying to understand Ayreon’s 01011001 - ? Watch this…!!

(other Ayreon explanations can be found on the same YouTube channel… :astonished: )


River of Time - 16th Set’23 - Tilburg, NL