Just for fun... what would you upgrade

… in this system with a $1,500 budget?

Netgear router
El cheapo eithernet cables
ND5 xs2
Kanta No 1 speakers
(Nd5 xs2 is fed over WiFi and I use the regular lavender interconnect to feed the SN2)

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Cisco 2960 switch connected to your nd5xs2 by Ethernet cable.
Hicap to the SN2.

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HiCap DR is very much under serious consideration :wink:

As for the Cisco 2960… wouldn’t that mean getting Ethernet cable pulled through to where the system is located (which is a long way from the router) :grimacing:

If the ND5xs2 streams highest res data over wifi, which is what the new generations streamers do so well, why waste money on a switch & ethernet?
Save money, buy more music.

You won’t so much bang for buck with a HiCap on SN2, try before buy home demo if you can to make your mind up.

Maybe worth a demo to see if another IC is better than the Lavender.

Speaker cables?

2 Naim Powerlines (used) and try a Non DR HiCap on the SN2. Should give a nice upgrade to the whole system.

Not sure about a non-DR Hicap — might be a downgrade? Doesn’t the Supernait provide DR power supply to the pre-amp section?

Yes, the SN2 internal preamp supply is a single rail 24vDR, a HiCap is 2 rail.
In my experience the old pre DR HC adds some bloom to upper bass, that might maybe be helpful if your speakers don’t have much bass. But for me it was too much, I bought a cuddly toy PSU, (the first DR)

Fair point, in my mind I was fixed on that $1500! In the UK you could get a S/H HiCap DR and 2 S/H Powerlines for £1500 but I assume Naim is more expensive in the US and converted $1500 is less than its equivalent in $$’s so I went non DR!!

Another vote for hicap dr, made a big difference when I had my sn2 and sets you up should you move to a 282 in future

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The rug.


I am afraid that rather than “fun” it’s science fiction… Honestly I’d like to try Pass Lab class A amps in my active bi-amp, a XA60 on the driver and a XA200 on the bass… and to be sure of the final result I would upgrade the turntable to a VPI Avenger and the phono section to the golden pair Superline-HiCapDR… :grin:
What was that song…“this are the things that dreams are made of…” …

You have no drop outs? Your WiFi is very strong ? If no and yes, then perhaps the Cisco would not improve. But I doubt however that it will not improve. Something like Blue Jeans cat 6a can be hided …


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Nothing. A well balanced system as it is. Upgrade one thing, then another, then…


I was wondering when that commentwoukd come :grin:

Once in a while I’ll get a drop out, but it’s pretty exceptional. I’m considering the blue jeans 6a for the Ethernet cable between the router and NUC though. Thanks


I can get a S/H hicap Dr and one powerline for a tad over $1500. It seems about 50/50 from what I can tell whether folks like it more than the bare SN2

Trade in the ND5XS 2 for a NDX 2, an uplift in source and allows you to add a Power Supply in the future. A nice upgrade for the source first philosophy and positions you for future growth as time/money allows.

Good luck with your decision.


HICAP DR. Otherwise NDX2, but over budget.

Did rearranging the room help?

Cheers, Mike.

I’d move that sofa for a start… :wink::thinking:

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