Just gone 200 to 250 DR

Lots of threads already on here about this topic and I’d been scouring them avidly in advance of making the jump.

System: CDX2, XPS, 282, HiCap
Speakers: Russell K Red 120 via TQ Silver II

Conclusion, the 250 is the superior power amp but it doesn’t embarrass the 200 by any means.

High points of the 250 DR:

  • More space between instruments
  • Generally smoother (less harsh), particularly vocals
  • Superior bottom end but not by a huge amount (does not overwhelm the room with bass)
  • Increased detail and better soundstage, the lower noise floor feels quite apparent.

Above all else, where I find the 250 DR excels, is making much better sense of complex musical passages where the 200 would sound noticeably ‘muddled’ by comparison. With simpler “well recorded” material, the 200 still sounds excellent but clearly has its limits compared to the 250 DR

Think the 250 could be my long term power amp, safe in the knowledge that it will deliver on any future upgrades elsewhere in the system.


Do you have the ‘weird’ sense that the music (at the same setting on the preamp) is playing more quietly?

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Back in 1985… (!!), I made the jump from the 110 to the 250. I still have that same 250, albeit serviced a number of times.

More recently I bough a used 140. It was serviced not long ago and I gave it a run, instead of my 250. Pretty good. Very acceptable. Its not a 250 - but its a great amp.

Enjoy ‘your’ 250.

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Spot on J

The 250 is for me in the naim range in all it’s reincarnations

I’ve been through quite a number of naim amps including the NAP500 ( which yes is better but in the right system) but the 250 provides ample power for most speakers plus all the naim attributes

It’s an absolute marvel , a true iconic audio product and will last a lifetime.

My hat off to Naim :+1::+1:


I have owned 3 CB Nap 250s, 3 Olive 250s, and have 3 Nap 250-2 running active. All were good and have the Naim prat. Hard to beat for the money and a true classic!

Did that upgrade last year trading in the 200 for 9 month old ex dem 250DR, and 202 to 282 at same time, would be tempted to go 252 but cannot accommodate an SCDR which is kind of convenient given the 252 divides opinion

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