Just got my 282 back from the factory

It’s been plugged in and playing a little less than an hour. When it was away I used my 82 which is sounding mighty fine and I thought when deciding to service it outshined the 282.

Now the 282 is back and immediately it no longer has the closed in unquality it displayed before. Still instruments don’t sound as much as instruments compared to 82. The feeling of the real instrument is more apparent with that one.

I however understand the newer unit now needs some time to settle and it already is showing the 82 a clean pair of heels when it comes to other aspects of music replay.

I’ll get back to this thread in a montg or so (if I can find it) and tell who ever is interested what my thoughts are then.

Stay safe!


That would be of interest

I always thought the 82 gave the 282 a close run… especially when similarly powered…so keep us updated pls

It’s always interesting to find out about experience with burn in and it’s reassuring for others when we change or service our kit. Well, me anyway.

I moved up to a 252/Supercap at the end of February and it is still settling down. Seemed like a bit of a rollercoaster ride, with good days and bad days which doesn’t help with “buyers remorse” after such an outlay.

Faith in Naim suggests the 282 should eventually be a noticeable improvement on the 82 other why would anyone “upgrade”.

It will be good to hear how you get on. If you don’t mind, could you tell us the rest of your set up? Just ignore me if you don’t want to make this public.

Hi @AJK rest of my system is NAP 250 DR, Hicap DR, Napsc (ofcourse), NDS, 555PS DR, standard Naim cables and NACA5 and finally Spendor D9 as speakers. Electronics sit on 2 Isoblue racks.

Oh, and I forgot😁, PL on all electronics.

I think it just needs to run for a few weeks (months??). If you liked the 282 enough to send it for a service it will soon sound better than you remember.

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Looks like it´s been 19 days since I plugged the 282 in and so far it´s almost surprisingly good. When I got it, it hadn´t been serviced for 14 years and to be honest, I was quite dissapointed when I put it in the rack replacing the 82. Now it´s a different story and I am a happy bunny.

For information, I have no knowledge of the service history of the 82. I do wonder how it sounds just recently serviced?:grimacing::grin:

If I can´t resist it I´ll most likely put the 82 to work again but for now it´s just so nice I don´t want to touch anything.

Listening to Daniel Norgren. Superb!

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