Just got the Naim ND5 XS2

@Mr.M Haha… there you go :joy:

Well, I have to say it is in immaculate condition… as new even. It was a breeze to setup. Just connected the ethernet cable, interconnects and power then ran the app for the initial settings and then turned it off. Roon found it straightaway and was sitting back playing music in less than 10 minutes.

It was one of those rare occasions when the delivery driver arrived first thing. Normally when you order something you really want… iPhone release day etc, the driver normally turns up 5 minutes before the end of his shift… today, 9:30am… bonus.

Been busy working today but had it running in the background (it is still running now) but even after an hour or so of warning up, it was obviously a big improvement. I’ll be adding further thoughts on it later, how it compares with the Node 2.

As it happens, while the ND5XS2 is certainly better the Node 2 hasn’t been completely shamed by ND5. It is certainly a great option for anyone wanting to dip their toes into streaming, especially at £499.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for their help on my previous thread… especially to @Mr.M for his very well cared for ND5 :+1:t2:


That’s a great story!
Enjoy! :grin:

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Happy to know it found a good home and yes I did take obsessive care of it whilst under my watch!
Just leave it on and playing the radio when not listening, after a day or two it’ll settle down. It’s had a decent run in whilst I used it so shouldn’t be overly bright from the off.
A nice step on your journey!
Put a post in the system pics thread and do keep us posted on your findings.


Will do… The Tellurium Q Black interconnects are sounding better than the 5pin Din at the moment but, would I be correct in thinking that cable hasn’t been used… or did they re-seal that pack!

Wait until you get used to it. I think you’ll notice the differences after an adjustment period. Congrats on your ND5XS2


I never used it, I already had a Naim Hi-Line DIN to DIN from my CD player I reused. It’s hard to say what will be the best in your case, if you can and have the time then maybe make a comparison between the grey Naim stock IC and your Tellurium one, if however you’re already happy with what that one is doing probably no harm sticking with it!
I personally like to give myself a decent period of time to really get a definitive feel of what a component is offering to a system overall, for a source I like to give it 6 months of regular use to formulate a meaningful opinion of what it’s offering me.
I had an original ND5 XS and whilst it was ok wasn’t good enough for me not to let it go and look at alternatives, at that time I wasn’t willing to go to an NDX or NDS so ended up with various USB DAC’s from iFi and Chord, still have them and are used elsewhere in fact and part of a Roon setup.
I got the ND5 XS2 to judge if the new streamer range resolved the shortcomings of the first generation products and I’d say they do and are much better overall, certainly in terms of features and native services integration as well as the networking interfaces. I only ever used the ND5 XS2 over Wi-Fi, the original ND5 i had was hard wired as Wi-Fi never really worked properly on it and that formed one of the many niggles I had with that original version!
In your case you have a HiCap addition to look forward to which will make a nice difference and tie things together more cohesively.
I’ve no personal experience of the IC you are using but can vouch for the Naim Hi-Line as working well in a Naim system, I’ve also used Chord IC’s from higher up the range and found they match well also.
Lots to enjoy and look forwards to ahead anyway!


Very sound advice in what I have found also. ND5 XS 2 here for a year now. Lavender very good. Just enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thought that was the case. I’ve attached the din cable so I can run it in for a few days . The deeper tones of the TQ Blacks weren’t always the case, took a few days running in before they sounded great. So, I’ll be doing the same with the Naim Din cable before coming to any decision!

Cheers @marcusman I’m certain there will be plenty of fun running both the ND5 and Din cables in. Even after 6 hours today you can hear a the difference from 1st thing.

When I’m not in the studio I work from my office at home (that’s where my system is) so it gets plenty of on time!

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