Just in time for Christmas

With supply channels constricted and overwhelmed, prices are going up up up in 2022 and I have heard of increases between 10% and 30% for finished product and probably more for raw materials so…I am thinking now is the time to put a deposit down for a new Rega P8 and a pair of Tannoy Turnberry GR to lock in current pricing and before they become even less affordable.

The 3 to 4 month wait for things to arrival actually works well for me as I can save my nickels and dimes in the meantime.

Here in Canada the new pricing hasn’t been released as of yet from either company that I know of. Has anybody heard or seen what the 2022 prices are going to be? We’re always behind the U.K. in a number of ways including getting information from our favorite makers.

Goodness we have an expensive hobby!

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