Just purchased a NAP 250 serial No. 2075

It was an offer too good to refuse and a power amp that will hopefully become the engine of an eventual vintage system.

What’s the earliest numbered product you have?


Nice one SJB. I’ll be interested to see where you end up with your vintage system plans :sunglasses:

Earliest is a CB250. 5207.

Sitting pretty at the bottom of my Fraim.

Strange the appeal and connection to this piece of hifi which I wouldn’t at all have to an ND- , Super Lumina or my Bentley.



Are you planning on sending it to Sheffield or Salisbury?

Always nice to see those green Vivisun switches on the CB 250s ! No-nonsense technology.

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#1506. Bolt Down CB 160, 120V. Got ya beat. :wink:

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So for those of you who were around in 1982 or with experience/ knowledge of Naim’s various iterations, what would be good partners for my NAP 250 (bolt down).

For that matter are the bolt down ones different other than the casing?

I had no intention of trying for a vintage Naim system until I saw this amp at a price too good to refuse. It’s got me thinking that if I ever replace my SL2s I’ll not have to jettison them.

There’s no rush, there’s still 2/3 of my 3 children at home and no room for my vintage system but I realise this will change in the blink of an eye.


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I have a BD 12S # 1045 . Something about the BD and CB series - they are enchanting. Having sold off all of my Olive and Classic series boxes I am left with a handful of oldies that I shall hold on forever.

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I have a NAC32.5 that’s S/N 932 that’s used in my kitchen fronting a NAP120 (S/N 1747).

I also have a NAC12S (S/N 507) that needs the volume pot replacing (it’s very ‘scratchy’). I purchased this to pair with the NAP120. However… I think the NAC32.5 just looks better.

All three of those were built at Salt Lane according to the labels on the back.

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If you want to go for a period set then a NAC12 or early bolt-down NAC32 with a matching bolt-down SNAPS would be rather nice.

Naim can still service these. AFAIK the old volume pots cannot be replaced like for like. so instead Naim fit a suitable ALPS blue as an upgrade.

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My chrome bumper 250 is about the same age and is having its first ever service just now!

It added some oomph to the Qute in my office system but that is on the way out and an Atom is coming instead. It will be interesting to discover if the uplift on that is as good.

Not quite a classic system but the speakers are SBLs



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