Just purchased Naim 5SI

Hello Music Lovers,

I am basically a tube guy and had a vintage Quad 405 Mk2 but after reading and looking at YouTube videos, I decided to take the plunge to purchase a Naim5SI, and it is on its way. like to know if it would pair well with Arcam dac or Marantz streamer? Is it mandatory to use Naim’s own proprietary cables as I have a pair of ASI liveline reference IC nd ASI power cable? I like to pair Naim5SI with Piega classic 3.0.

Thanks in anticipation.


Welcome. Well done on the plunge. :sunglasses::+1:
No it’s no obligation use Naim cables.
Ah: you should ask if the amplifier works well before purchasing, not after.


Think will work fine.
Congratulations and enjoy

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Check it has all the features you need, it could be a duff purchase and an even longer thread on the forum. :grin:

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Remember its a pure analogue amp so i don’t think there’s a usb input on the back. The naca5 aren’t mandatory but they pair well with the amp as do dueland cotton/oil speaker cables. I reccomend using a 2 rca to 5 pin din if at all possible.

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