Just taken delivery of Titan 808 driven actively by NAP 300's

fantastic but expensive day - Titan 808 driven actively


You lucky bunny…err or lamb😉

Fantastic! Drool! Heard 808s with 3x300 at the acoustica show recently. Very nice indeed - congratulations etc :grin:

thats how it started for me too, still there are no pockets in a shroud.


I have only fairly recently gone active with 2x300s into SL2s so am a long way from where you are :grimacing:

think its fair to say I’ll stop there!

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No no, you cannot stop there. We need a 1000 word minimum post on your impressions within three weeks :+1::wink::wink::slightly_smiling_face:


will do…

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That does look good, and I bet it sounds even better. Lovely system, enjoy.

Looks great. Bet it will sound amazing.

Is it a 552DR?

Must sound incredible- please elaborate when able
U listen with grills on?

Very nice. I have always loved the 300 and always thought the 3x500 was overkill. Would love to hear the 808 at my house someday. That Fraim set is a winner. The CD555 on the top rack is a bonus!

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Hi Dave, no not til I save up again

Hi Dave, yes, domestic concession.

Is that a Qute2 on the second shelf on the left?

Oh dear, for a first time poster, you really made a STATEMENT (180K)!

Congratulations in joining the active club!

I’m not sure, but from what I gathered so far:

CD555 > 555PS > SCDR > Snaxo 362 > 3 x 300s
And the mighty Titans!


You must be Rich!

Just joking :grin:

Once again Congratulations!

Enjoy You Music, The Why!

But thanks for the How!

I can still dream!

Kick But System!!!

Laurence Dickie: "I have always been a keen advocate of the active approach to loudspeaker design, believing that the direct connection between amplifier and voice coil offers the purest route and that the precision and linearity of active electronics give a clear advantage over passive alternatives. However for pragmatic reasons we felt it unwise to go to market with only active speakers. An important part of the design phase of the first Vivid Audio products was a re-evaluation of passive crossover design. It has to be said that the use of computer-aided circuit analysis has really changed the game. The accuracy possible to meet target responses while presenting a safe load is quite remarkable. This coupled with drivers which present constant impedances across a wide range of drive levels, non-polar film dielectric capacitors and air-cored inductors has permitted us to create passive designs which really challenge the active alternatives.”

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just imagine what 3x500 will do !! :slight_smile:


CD 555
NAC 282
NAP 250