JV Approved Vintage HiFi

Anyone know what non-Naim non-Linn equipment Julian rated? Particularly curious what speakers he liked before meeting up with Ivor and hearing Briks.

Incidentally, I seem to recall reading that Martin Dalgleish created the Isobarik before meeting Ivor, yet I always thought that Briks were Ivor’s creation. Sorry, now two questions in one.

Well he apparently owned and used one of Tom Reps’ Chilton 100s R2Rs. I believe he also liked Quad ESL57s with Quad II amp.

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The Phonosophie P3 turntable (with Naim PS, Aro and Prefix)


Met him once and told me he liked the NEAL cassette machine.




I think I recall seeing a Sony Walkman Pro in his home listening room.


Wasn’t that after breaking with Ivor around 1985 ?

I presume so. I’ve always been a bit curious about the Phonosophie link as I know they were Naim’s German distributors but turntable upgrades aside, the amp products seemed to match the Naim philosophy in many ways (DIN connectors, power supplies, active operation) as well as the slimline olive look. They do seem to have strayed towards the more esoteric side with items such as the Room Animator…

For Hi-fi purposes, or for recording criminal evidence for court cases?!
(Google “Neal Cassette Deck” for context…)


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Wasn’t the NEAL Cassette Transport the basis of the ‘legendary’ Naim machine…?

Calling @Richard.Dane:thinking:

Well, if it’s good enough for Scotland Yard, it’ll certainly have been robust!

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Yes, I believe so.

The early NEAL used mechanics bought in from 3M Wollensak, was the later 302 style deck in-house?

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I have both the full Naimed Phonosophie and the Sony Walkman Pro.

Inspired by JV :slight_smile:


Fantastic :+1:

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