Kan Kan

I don’t know if you’re aware, but Falcon Acoustics make a B110, an exact replacement for SP1003, designed by KEF’s original B110 designer. (Also B239 & T27)

The beauty of DIY speakers is that if you have the time the cost of building, and rebuilding )and repeat…) is negligible, si if it doesn’t work how you want it is small loss, and you can try something else.

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That’s where I got my B110 units from they are a matched pair. Apparently the guy who originally made them…at Kef now makes them to exactly the same spec… Apparently the Kan drive units were never matched… and when measured are usually miles appart… Exactly…I thought if mine does not work well I can always buy a pair of Falcon cabinets…and have a replica of a Kan…

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What are you going to be using for Treble duties Richie - Scanspeak or something else ?

I am using the Hiquphon tweeter to the same spec…I notice it is possible to get a super selected pair…which are pretty expensive. If my project is successful I might purchase these. Apparantly the Hiquphon tweeter I have is supposed to be very sweet…and detailed…we will see…it all feels very retro…they were used in the original Kan (not the selected pair!)

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Keep the updates coming :+1:

Tweeter rebates next ulp…

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Precisely - that’s why the BBC specs caused 90% of them to be rejected! Having said that, I suspect the Kans’ “warts” obscured any differences between drivers…

Freehand or a template?

Good choice, are you going to use the OW I or one of the others? I’m listening to this right now:

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Making a template…time consuming

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For a one off yes, very but then the results last forever and you’ll never regret doing it right :+1:

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It’s going to be a bit tricksly and I now have the correct router bit…with a bearing shoulder…so it should be ok will do a trial run 1st…

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Always worth a trial run but when you do it for real make 100% sure the template is in the right place :+1:

Great project and super work. I will be interested to hear your verdict on the sound considering your very damped cabinets.


Yeah thanks…its something I always fancied trying…time will tell…

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Looking good, so far…


The Kans are great little speakers … I have always loved them … but never owned a set…my brother had a pair…and I built a Kef kit years ago…always enjoyed the B110 mid band…

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Well, I hope your pair will sound very good when finished!

So do I but you never know its all a bit of an experiment…we will see…