Kanye West is now Ye!

Well he did become a certified billionaire last year, so at least he is a very rich nob.

How many full Statements can you buy for a billion? :thinking:

Most billionaires are nobs, what’s new? :relaxed:

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True true, it’s a sad reality that sociopathy is a common and desired trait amongst successful people in western society.


Luckily I’m not insulted easily :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Not much love for Kanye here, then. As if he would give a duck.

Still, he can always seek solace in Beyonce’s ample breast. So he has that much over the rest of us. And I’m sure that it provides ample solace!


Beyonce is with Jay Z, Ye was previously married to Kim Kardashian :relaxed:

Ah! I did wonder as I typed.

As may be apparent from my other posts, hip hop is not my ‘thang’.

But I’m still not prepared to go along with this Ye nonsense!


Nonsense is putting it mildly

Well, I would have used a stronger word, rhyming with ‘white’, but I don’t want to add to Richard Dane’s onerous blue pencil duties.


Can’t think what that is …

In a few years time he’ll move to a nice spot in rural middle England and embrace his Ye Olde Worlde and rhyming Shakespeare with something.

Jeez, can always rely on the Naim forum for an opinion or two :v:

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