Kate Bush remasters - a question

Having just acquired an NDX I’m thinking of buying the 24/44 HD tracks downloads of The Kick Inside and The Hounds of Love which are my favourite two Kate albums. Before I do I just wanted to check if I were to buy the recently released CD (or vinyl) box sets - do these come with download codes to enable the high res 24 bit albums to be downloaded as well?



Yes they all have a unique identification number.
But even so I find it easier to browse with them separated into individual folders …
… e.g.
Kate Bush
-> A Kick Inside 16/44
-> A Kick Inside 24/44

But I’ve recently had a clear out of all the duplicated albums & no longer keep the old or the 16-bit versions on the NAS. Yes the purist will argue the original or the EMI release et all is the best, but in most cases I disagree or have gotten over it. I still have the CD’s.

Thanks Mike - like you I already own pretty much all Kate’s albums on a mixture of CD and vinyl (sometimes both!) but I was curious how much the 24 bit remasters might enhance the experience of listening to them. Given it will cost me around £14 to download each album from HDTracks and the boxed set of the first 7 albums is only £51 and that includes HD download codes and also all the artwork then I think buying the boxed sets makes much more sense.

Many thanks anyway, it was good to read Richard Dane’s excellent reviews of the remasters and yet again he’s encouraging me to spend money!!


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