Keep fit in lockdown with Iron Maiden

I have a treadmill in the garage at home which I’ve used a lot during lockdowns 1 & 2. I love running and usually listen to something like Underworld or LCD Soundsystem when I run but today the motivation just wasn’t there.

I decided a needed a goal and a change of music so I’ve set myself the target of listening to all 16 Iron Maiden studio albums before the end of England’s lockdown on the 2nd December (23 days away).

I haven’t listened to them much over the years and so started today.

6km run to their belter of a debut album, “Iron Maiden”. A perfect running album (literally with “Running Free”) and full of speed, energy & great riffs. The instrumental “Transylvania” is fantastic.

So, this new topic has two purposes:

If you exercise regularly (or even just occasionally) how do you keep motivated and what music do you listen to when you run/walk, cycle? What gets your endorphins pumping?

Also, by posting this I have to stick to the target as, once you tell someone your goal, you have to do it!


Motivation isnt easy. Bought myself a rower earlier in the year even though I have been a lifelong cyclist. Medical issues have made cycling outdoors impossible and was advised to get a rower rather than an exercise bike.
Jeez, its boring! 10 minutes in and I’m just about done. Tried allsorts, nothing works.
Good luck in reaching your goal. :+1:

Prior to Covid I was working with a personal trainer a couple of times a week. I am in my late 60’s and after a recommendation from my primary care provider I went and had an evaluation 18 months ago. Their recommendation was that I could improve my balance with a targeted exercise program and was working with a trainer in person. (Prior to this is was walking daily and climbing a lot of stairs) They closed down last March and in June I started working with them again through video assignments. So four days a week I work through a 60 to 90 minute group of exercises working on my core strength to improve balance. I also walk outdoors 5/6 days a week for 3 to 5 miles which will include 30 to 50 flights of stairs during the walk. During the time period I have worked with them I have lost about 25 pounds, reshaped the body, gained strength and improved balance.

When indoors the music is on… Jazz, Rock, Folk, International, whatever… it is all good! …bottom line is that I hope to get a few more years listening to music.


I used to row after I would cycle. I found writing on a Wind Trainer as well as a rowing machine to be somewhat tedious or boring. I overcame that by watching sporting events either live or recorded. I can get at least 2 hours.

You will definitely need to change your style of spandex between Paul DiAnno, Bruce and the others.


If you have a smart treadmill, you could hook up to an online training app. For example, I’m a mountain biker and use Zwift with my smart turbo trainer. I regularly do pre set workouts, ride with groups etc. They also have running routes. It’s a subscription service but might be worth a look. It’s kept me motivated for the last four years.

Yes, I’ve tried a rowing machine a few times but I find it too difficult to get into the kind of mind-clearing rhythm that I get into with running.


@seakayaker that’s great and sounds like you have it all figured out - the exercise classes have clearly made a big difference. I’m probably about 15 years younger and have always been a runner so I hope my joints have plenty of years running left in them.

I like the solitude of running so not really one for classes but I have done yoga in the past and that was brilliant. I’ve never felt so fit & flexible as I did when I was attending weekly yoga classes. Work got in the way but one day I’ll pick it up again.

Enjoy your exercise!

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Ha ha! I could run in that.

I’ve been on a (fairly dedicated) fitness kick for the last 15-20 years and over the years the exercises have changed (I don’t really run much anymore, used to run half marathons and 10ks a few times a year) but I’ve kept the discipline of regular workouts.

I was doing a class once a day; either spin or a weights-based group exercise class (e.g. Les Mills bodypump), or when travelling free weights or treadmill/exercise bike use. Making a commitment to exercise every day and sticking with it, even if it’s only a few press ups and situps in a hotel room does embed it into your routine and becomes easier to stick with.

With this year’s situation I’ve got a bunch of decent weights and a decent spin bike and am using Les Mill’s on-line service. Monday to Saturday I spend an hour a day working out, it helps manage my ‘moods’ and fools me into believing I can eat exactly what I want.

Keep thinking about a return to running, and I live on a farm with a nice tarmac 400m circular track that I could use. If I did return to running the music would be what I always listened to when running:

Chemical Brothers: Dig Your Own Hole/Exit Planet Dust/We Are The Night.
The Clash: The Clash/Give 'em Enough Rope / London Calling.
Guns ‘n’ Roses: Appetite for Destruction/The Spaghetti Incident
Jet: Get Born
The Prodigy: Experience/The Fat Of The Land/Music For The Jilted Generation.
The White Stripes: Anything!

Throw in a bit of Zeppelin and Sabbath on occasion and that’s just about my running playlist.

Must admit… I do miss using a gym though, this solitary exercise lark isn’t quite the same!

I cycle outdoors and when not just doing to coomute the motivation is completing the chosen route. Walking likewise. No music because that would be unsafe cycling, and possibly walking (and I have simply never had the habit). No way can I run - something I have always hated. Gyms are a complete no-no, since the physical and mental humiliation of PE at school, ensuring I will never willingly enter something called a gym. I have a cross-trainer at home, bought some years ago to improve fitness for skiing, and I would use if I couldn’t leave home: but the only way to keep,going is to put on an engrossing film.

@PaulD – I hope your legs hold up. I ran for years for exercise and can relate to joy in the solitude while running and the euphoric feeling after finishing a run. I stated when I was 18 in the military and best I ever got was 6 minute miles. My last race was when I was 48 after being challenged by a group of younger guys at work. After training on a treadmill for several months I ran a 10K road race on asphalt and cement roads and it kicked my butt physically. Years of running, playing basketball and racketball were fantastic but in my 50’s and 60’s spent more time using my upper body for working out on open water. My knees and shins feel a heck of a lot better. Current exercise regime includes working with weights, resistance bands, various planks along with aerobic walks and stair climbing.

Life is grand!


I always thought you were regularly kayaking. Is it not the case?

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Yes, sticking to a routine is so important. Great running music choices. Sabbath will occasionally make it onto my playlists as well. Cheers.

  1. Morning Yoga in silence 5 days a week. Swimming now that’s it warm enough. Walking and gardening. Air guitar to rock. Bike doesn’t get used enough.

Now, I need to dig out those first two Iron Maiden records I have and warm up the turntable :sunglasses:

Thanks, some good music recommendations here. As for headphones, agree that going wireless is the best and I swear by my Apple Powerbeats.

Enjoy your running.

Playing LPs instead of streaming assists fitness too especially if it is a 45rpm version. :sweat_smile:

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I think you must be confusing me with someone else. Never kayaked in my life!

Does anyone use a Keiser M3 bike?
Interested in your thoughts.