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The search for new speakers continues. I currently have original neat motive 2s which have served me well. I love 85% of what they do. The downside is that they can be too forward and bright on a proportion of music I listen to. I have previously done a home demo of the sx version and they were more refined in the upper frequencies and less forward, more forgiving of poor recordings. I decided to upgrade electronics instead at the time. I recently home demoed neat Ministras which were great but do need some volume to make them sing.
The plan was to replace current speakers with something ‘better’ which usually involves spending more money.
However a used pair of sx2s are available at a good price which would free up funds for room treatments which the better half has agreed to.
My question is therefore can I get a significant improvement by what maybe seen somewhat as a sideways speaker change coupled with some effective room treatment?

The adverse effecrs of rooms is a largely neglected or carefully ignored subject, despite the huge sums often spent on hifi. It is likely that with judicous treatment most rooms would be capable of more accurat and less muddled playing of music, though of course people may be accustomed to the effects of room, even prefer the “life” they perceive it give some music (rather like deliberately choosing speakers with a highly ‘coloured’ sound).

But is impossible to know whether any particular speaker with room treatment would sound better or worse than another without! There are so many variables, from your taste in speakers, to what positioning flexibility you have in you room, to the size, shaoe, construction and furnishing of the room. If it was me and a chance to get a speaker I oarticularly liked vs doing the room I’d probably go for it, because room treatment can be added in instalments as money becomes available, also allowing you to ‘play’ with tge extent to which you do it. (Alternatively go the whole hog with the room, trying to make it ‘disappear’ acoustically, when you can then seek speakers that simply sound play well and sound good, with no worries about being affected by tthe ge room…

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Thanks IB. The listening room is going through some changes currently which may alter its sonic characteristics. I have changed room layout and speaker position to their final destination hopefully. The bass seems reasonably well balanced in the he three positions I have tried them. We are also changing from two leather sofas to fabric which should arrive at the end of the month. Curtains will also be added so the room acoustics will change. I have also re-routed dedicated mains and changed from naca5 to WH Phantom which is still running in. In reality it isn’t the best time to buy new speakers but I am confident they will bring about the changes I would like.

Went for it, got a great trade in deal from my dealer (as always). Maybe a sideways move but in an unfurnished room with zero running in time they are a definite improvement in upper frequencies and everything else tbh. Give them and WH phantoms another few weeks burn in and I think I will be very happy.
Saved some cash for potential acoustic room treatment, WH Morgana and maybe a new rack?


BTW thank you for the informed advice. A great Forum which has helped to make informed decisions on progressive upgrades with great reward.

Hello, That WH Phantom cable is magical stuff indeed! I’m also keen to try the Morgana too,

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