Keep UP the good work Naim Audio

Discuss ….

Thank you Stephen.

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Have I missed something

ke passa?

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Stephen, why do you say that? I just didn’t understood the meaning of your post. So said ke passa . Don’t be paranoiac ! I was not laughing of you.

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The nd5xs2 warning thread is perhaps more ironic…

Deep breath gentleman.

This looks like a clear example of a misunderstanding between forumites who have a different mother tongue (and even dabbling in other languages) and the clarity of meaning of the written word getting lost.

Let’s be nice to each other, no one intends any ill will here.


Naim make great kit, expensive yes but hours of pleasure.


I still have all of my very first Nam boxes that I purchased in the early nineties in storage. Ok, nowhere near as veteran or as iconic as a lot of the earlier Naim kit but still working and going strong all the same. NAC92 - IXO - Flatcap - NAP90.3 X2 - Credo speakers. I no longer have the living space to accommodate such a system and I need to send the whole lot off for a service for it to come out to play and boy when in full fettle this system can surely rock! - Quite possibly better than my than my current system in performance terms, and I just can’t bring myself to ever selling any of it, just in case… Have any of you guys still got older Naim kit in storage that you don’t use anymore and perhaps cannot let go of because of sentimental reasons? I am really enjoying my newer kit but in a different and more mature way.

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