Keeping amp warmed up without speakers connected?


Am serially home demo-ing speakers at moment. With 500DR off for a few hours during first speaker switchover it seemed to take four days to come back on song (although, of course, some of this may have been due to the cold demo speakers warming up following their storage in a cold warehouse). Anyway, for the next speaker changeover, am keen to avoid having the 500DR powered off for any longer than necessary. So, can I disconnect the NACA5 at the amp end and leave the amp running for the couple days when there are no speakers on site? Or is this unsafe?

Always safer to switch off the amp when connecting speakers. Much safer, no risk of a short circuit.

Can you keep the amp switched on, with the volume knob at zero, but only turn off when you actually connect the speakers, then immediately switch back on. This will only give a momentary pause in maintaining the temperature?

To the best of my understanding the 500, like most transistor amps, is perfectly happy with no load attached. That being the case then there would be no harm leaving it on. Disconnecting the cable at the amp end is the safest approach as it doesn’t present a risk of shorting the connections. The preamp volume control would best be turned to zero at least before connecting the cable after installing new speakers.

Hi, I dont have a 500DR,
I’d be extremely reluctant to make or remove speaker connections to an amplifier whilst it was switched on and would not leave it powered up with them disconnected.

It is perfectly ok to leave the amp switched on and with no speakers attached. 100% safe. Just turn it off for a few minutes when you connect the new speakers.

Just always remove/insert from the amp end and you can keep the amp on. Just think about it, once a banana is pulled there is no more power going though it, so not much it can do if it touches something else (just don’t let it touch an exposed part of another plugged in banana). Pull second banana and the cables is completely inert/dead. Same can’t be said for pulling from the speaker end. Go to any Naim/hifi dealer - they swap around cables on turned on amps all day long.

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If you’re using the SA8 speaker connectors then there should be no problem disconnecting at the amp end while still powered up. We would do this all the time when swapping things around in demos.

Yup SA8. Thanks all.

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