Kef Blade 2

Heard these on the end of a Linn system at the Sorg on Tuesday evening. Enjoyed the overall sound - scale and imaging really good although the presentation much warmer and laid back than I’m used to - very different to Naim.
Especially impressed with them reproducing ultra-low bass organ music.
Would have liked to have heard them on the end of a comparative Naim aystem. They wouldn’t suit our domestic aesthetic - although they are not unattractive. Definitely an education and an insight into how well a pair of speakers can present recordings. Food for thought! :grinning:

They are still on my list to audition. I like the looks ten times over these focal things but still look modern however in a good way. And I love organmusic. Ovators do a very good job as well on organmusic better than my sbls.

I did not know ithere was a Blade 2 , i have heard them at bristol and they certainly are something special

Last time I saw them was strangely enough in Harrods.

Last time I saw them was this morning in the shower.


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