KEF LS50 Meta

This speaker seems very interesting… really keen to audition this one, but there’s the risk of going outside, so maybe I won’t be going to do this for a while. However it does seem like a real innovation after many years !

KEF may be the first to try it, but maybe other companies could look into the meta materials concept?

I was wondering how many Naim owners paired their systems with the older LS50 and what are their experiences of it, particularly does it do bass well and is it rhythmic and fast enough for a Naim context?

I agree, interesting looking development. Hope it is a resounding success.

I and paired LS50`S with NAP250 and SN3 because available for 600EUR

I expected a nice detailed sounding experience
to my ears this was too analytic super detailed - but no body.
the heights too sharp - room 3,8m x3,8m
This was so disappointing to my ears and I send them back 3 days later

I know this means nothing - could be the next one loves this - but this was not enough fun to me and I am sure the Naim isn`t the issue why I dislike them
maybe I am too vintage :slight_smile:

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Wow this is not my experience … I think there are couple of things going on here…
Speaker positioning
Speaker run in
What peaker cables are you using?
I have found these speakers slightly on the warm side of neutral … and very forgiving…
very strange… I don’t think you are too vintage…!!!

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I had a pair of KEF LS50 with an XS 2 for a short period of time and did not gel with them. I returned them to the dealer and picked up a pair of ProAc D2’s.

Yes it was a costly venture but the music came to life the sound stage appeared and when I closed my eyes the musicians were in the room in front of me.

…as always, speakers are personal and influenced by an individual’s system, room and ears. Good luck with your decision.

cable: NACA 4

and you are right - positioning was not perfect.
Many Years I listen to M30 Harbeth in this position - this was satisfying to me.
think the Harbeth needs not more explanation

Another factor: 100%vinyl
Styles: I listen to all the styles a lot. Jazz funk Soul Techno, House , 80th…
I thing the LS50 is good with modern Music - but old Vinyl…hmm…I don`t know - I was not happy.

today I listen to the Wall of Music - the Cornwall IV
and living room to BC2 (spendor) - I love this speaker.

maybe at the end the LS50 was not enough party to me…

Interesting… I think they may have settled in…maybe…I have found these speakers pretty smooth and conservative…but respect to you…you tried and did not like…can’t say fairer than that…

You’re going to have to listen to them if possible.
The ls50’s were doing quite incredible things at the Bristol hifi show this year, driven by hegel amplification, and my immediate reaction was being impressed. I think in the context of a Naim system they should work very well but as with all hifi systems, the room and the listener must be included! And so might not gel with you but might be perfect for somebody else.


My view is they are fantastic for the price…and driven with a really good source and amps in a sensible room will blow your socks off… Mr Kessler had this experience… stating that he had to lift his jaw off the floor… This is my experience too…my preference though is for PMC…I am still with the little 20.21’s they are fantastic in my small room.

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