Kef R3 with Superuniti?

Anyone have any experience with the Kef R3, I have currently got Proac Tablette Ref8 Signatures & Rel Stampede sub into a Superuniti and would really like to ditch the sub. The Proac are a wonderful pair of speakers but do miss out in the lower registers a little and are really more suited to a small room. I have the chance to get a pair of R3’s nearly new for a very good price and feel they would fill out the low end much better and without the use of the Rel. My room is approximately 20ft x 13ft and speakers would be firing across the shorter dimension. I just have concerns that the Kefs may be a little bit too bright but I have always liked the idea of their point source tweeter.

It’s never a good idea to choose speakers because they look like a bargain. You need to try them at home. Others’ experience, while possibly useful, will do nothing to inform you as to how they will work in your room and whether you will actually like them.

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The Kefs do like grunt to be honest I used to have the R500’s with a Supernait2 and to be honest they would have liked more to really come to life.
I don’t know about the R3’ but the R500’s needed lots of space around them. I had to have them 800mm of off the rear wall if I remember correctly. If you use the optional bungs, it would just rob the life out of them.
Dunno if any of that helps.



I have R3’s connected to a nova in the study which is roughly same size as your room. They are a little bright but the music I play in that room suits that I think. As Mr HH says though best to listen for yourself if you can.

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Thanks for your thoughts gents, I do understand the need to hear a speaker in my own room before I see how they will interact but unfortunately would not be able to hear these before purchase.
Interesting to hear how far from the wall the R500’s need to be to really sing and the need for power doesn’t entirely surprise me, I certainly would not be able to move the R3 so far into the room without some sore toes, the Proacs are 450mm away, 550 would be as much as possible I guess.
I do take note that the R3 sound a little bright which is a trait the Proac’s have albeit not fatiguing unless with very poor recordings, it’s just they have less low end than I expect the R3 to have. I am yet to hear the presentation from Kef’s uni q drivers so don’t really know what to expect. Speakers sound very different through various equipment so just wanted to know whether they would gel well with Naim amplification.
Maybe the answer lies with Proac’s floorstanders :thinking:

The reson I bought the R3’s is I had some R500’s before that (on a 282/250 combo) and really liked the sound of them. I will say the R3’s are a big step up from the R500’s (but with the price increase you would hope so). When loud I found the R500’s lost control of the bass very easily and sounded off, also with some vocals (mainly female) the R500’s struggled with the detail. The R3’s dont do this at all and my R3’s are stuck in a book shelf a few inches from the back.


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