KEF Reference 207/2 loudspeaker

:small_blue_diamond:A friend just bought these preloved,…

KEF’s Reference Speaker 2008.
:black_small_square:Weight: 66kg.
:black_small_square:Sensitivity: 91db.
He is incredibly pleased,.I have not had time to listen to them yet.
Is there anyone here who has listened to these?

KEF Reference 207/2 loudspeaker

Summing Up From Stereophile 2008 below.

While spaces remain in my heart for the
:black_small_square:Sonus Faber Amati homage, the
:black_small_square:Mbl 111B, the
:black_small_square:Dynaudio Confidence C4, the
:black_small_square:Original Revel Ultima Studio, and the
:black_small_square:Wilson Audio Sophia.

I must say that the Series 2 revision of KEF’s Reference 207, the 207/2,.is overall the best-sounding full-range speaker I have used in my current listening room.
To all intents and purposes, it is without flaw.

The lows are extended and well defined,.the midrange is pure.
The treble is free of grain and naturally balanced,.the dynamics are awesome, and the stereo imaging is accurate and stable.
The 207/2 simply defines neutrality,.but without losing sight of the musical message.

$20,000 is still a lot of money,.but for a pair of speakers of this caliber,it’s tempting to declare the big KEF a bargain.
Considering that you can pay five times as much for speakers that sound only as good.

:small_orange_diamond:This summary above,.and the price is from February 2008.
The picture is from the seller’s “Show Room”,one owner before my friend.



I listened to them a few years ago. To my ears they where great sounding. System was lp12, Aro, SL, 552, 300.


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I had a few hours a number of time listening to these on a friends LP12, Marantz CDP & all Linn amp system. Beautiful sounding but ugly as cross eyed pugs.
These replaced his KEF 104/2’s, they were just as nice sounding but won the beauty contest by some margin, although even so they did not meet the Miss World qualifying standards

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Hmm, how do I say this. Ah, luckily Mike did it first for me. Really, really ugly speakers. Look like some kind of DIY job. Even if they sounded incredible, they would never be considered by me and, especially, the missus :wink:



:small_blue_diamond:I agree with you,.it’s not the most beautiful speakers on the market :wink:.

But in black,.as in the picture above,.they look better.
But fun @Mike-B,.to hear that they also work with Linn-amps.
Do you remember which Linn-amps it was.?
The LK series (LK280, Klout) or newer.

They remind a little of B&W,.if you think about the treble solution.
But as I wrote,.my friend is incredibly happy with the soundquality that they perform.


I can’t remember exactly, it was likely the LK series, pre & 3 pwr boxes if I remember. He then moved to Naim & then due to wife complaints changed the KEF’s for normal looking PCM’s.

Didn’t B&W haven some sort of legal spat with KEF about the use of an isolated top tweeter?

Oh and by top tweeter I don’t mean Mr Trump

Everyone would be on a looser there…

Seperate tweeters have been used many times before, I think traceable back to the 1930s (later including the “Separate Baffle Loudspeaker”, I wonder who made that? :thinking:).

:small_blue_diamond:A picture of the speaker terminals.

You can have up to three-wire or three-amp. Here use my friend NordOst Frey biwire cables,.and Kef’s original Jumpers.
It sounds best with Frey on tweeter and midrange,.as well as Kef’s Jumpers down to the bas.

/Peder :slightly_smiling_face:

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