Keith Jarrett

Very sad to see the New York Times piece on Keith Jarrett today. Partially paralysed on one side after two strokes and unable to play the piano. The man is a genius who has given me so many hours of listening pleasure I would now know where to start, and a wonderfully sublime live experience at the Royal Festival Hall in 2015. Just wish I had made the effort to see him more but work and kids were always a factor. The release of his Budapest concert in a couple of weeks will now mean even more than usual.


That’s a terrible shame. I suspected something was up. It must be so frustrating to only be able to play with one hand. I suppose the only consolation for we fans, not Jarrett himself of course, is that he has a huge body of recorded work and by all accounts there are many hours of tapes that have yet to see the light of day. He’s had his share of challenges and I sincerely hope he can cope.

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Really terrible news, especially after the passing of Gary Peacock. Glad I got to see him solo one last time at Carnegie.

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Listening to ‘Things aren’t what they use to be’, from The Cure, right now. It’s like being right there.
Love 'im …

Terrible news. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for him, having lived and breathed piano for most of his life.

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