Ken Ishiwata R.I.P

A very sad day for the Audio community of the world, A true global ambassador for the industry and his legendary work with Marantz. In my role as head of Naim Ken helped me on so many occasions with useful insights that I always respected. He will be missed and always remembered.


Very sad news. Like many others, I’m a fan of KI signature Marantz CD players. Ken helped create some brilliant bits of kit over the years and was an articulate and charismatic advocate for quality sound reproduction.

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That’s very sad news to hear Paul. It was surprise enough when the news came that he had left Marantz back in May.

Worth reading David Price’s piece on Ken from earlier this year.


Very sad news. I bought a KI signature CD player in the 90s, very good piece of kit.

That’s very sad news, I met him a couple of times and had one of his KI Signature CD players. He was a true hi-fi enthusiast and a genuinely nice guy.

Wow what a great loss RIP Ken.

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Sorry to hear this. Still have a CD63 KI in another setup. Sure he had a good life full of great music and technology.

Shame Marantz haven’t acknowledged it on their website



A true gentlemen and one of the greats in the industry. My last CD player was the Marantz CD63 KI signature, and when I met Ken at the HiFi show in Bristol many years ago, he very kindly signed the certificate that came with the player and talked to me about its development.

A very nice acceptance speech from Ken for ‘outstanding lifetime contribution’ at the 2019 What HiFi award event;

ATB. George.


Sad news, I enjoyed a KI63 for many years.


Still have a 63 KI Signature in one of the systems. The first CD Player I liked. Remote died many moons ago but the player is still a joy.

Oh no. That’s just too sad. But what a legacy. Thanks Ken.

one more icon… in audio heaven…

A legend…

Yep, Sad indeed.

We have lost one of the good guys. He was passionate about music replay in the home and had been a great ambassador for Marantz/the Japanese electronics industry.


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I met him several years ago in Milan. Nice person with an incredible passion for music.

Very sad to hear this news, as others have said one of the most important figures in making great sounding audio equipment at an affordable price. RIP Ken, heaven will be a more musical place with you in it.


He was a very humble gentlemen, RIP

I think you missed out an r, I thought it read as something else . Sorry to be a pedant