Kerr 300 MkIII speakers with Naim 272/300DR

Went to the North West hifi show at the weekend and heard the MkIII version of Kerr’s 300 speakers. Absolutely beautiful sounding speaker but wasn’t using Naim and there was alot of sound absorption panels in situ.
Has anyone got either the 300s or the 320s hooked up to their Naim system? What are your thoughts?
Got a pair of PMC 25.26s at the mo and find them too big and bass heavy for my room.

Presumably you mean Kef?

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Kerr Acoustics 300 mkIII, not KEF


Ah, sorry, I’ve never heard of them! Acoustica were demonstrating the new Naim gear with some Kefs, so I thought perhaps you meant them. Coincidentally, there is a Kef 300 series too.

I’d not heard of these either, so looked them up. They look so like the PMC22 on a quick glance. As you like the overall sound of the 26, I wonder whether the 22 might not fit the bill. Otherwise, get the Kerrs on home dem, it’s the only way to tell if they work for you, and it would be nice to own something different.

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I popped into Kerr’s dem room and agree those speakers sounded good, but not sure how much of that was the unfamiliar electronics. I got the impression they were very revealing, so I’d first look to a power supply for your 272 and, with a NAP 300 as power amp, a 500PS would be ideal. Apologies if you’re already running one.


Hi Roger,
Have the 272 hooked up to a CHC555. Will get a home demo arranged.

Please do report back.


Kerr are one of the very few manufacturers of transmission line speakers, those being the small ones in the stable. I would expect the bass characteristics to have some commonality with to the similarly sized small PMCs.

And perhaps the only one to combine a transmission line with ribbon tweeters(?)


Before they closed down a couple of years ago through retirement of their owner, IPL used ribbons in at least some of their designs. The good news for people wanting budget speakers is that they are back trading again - with ribbons as well as transmission lines.

My understanding, if I’ve not got it wrong, is that IPL provide kits, though I believe there are firms that will make them up for you.

Kerr, though, are definitely not at the budget end of the market. Their top model is around £30k.


Yes, I’m aware of both points, IPL being entry level transmission lines ( and over the years I’ve read good things about their better models), and Kerr’ at least their top models, being high end. My post was merely observing that Kerr aren’t unique in combining transmission lines with ribbon top end.

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