Killer system for working from home - overkill or just right?

Since we’ve been working from home for more than a year now - with no end in sight, I invested early on in a system that in my mind would allow me to have all those meetings from AM to PM without a bunch of unnecessary audio related fatigue.

Here’s the system:
USB out from work machine into Chord Qutest Dac
Naim Supernait 3
Harbeth P3ESRs

The Harbeths were chosen since they’re supposed to do ‘natural voices’. Not sure how much of that is true or just marketing - but I’ll go with it.

The SN3 were not so much chosen as I had one at home. Overkill - and I guess I could get by with a Nova or something like that - or a Nait 5si/Nait XS.

Chord Dac - again, something I happened to have at home.

All in all - money well spent, IMHO.

On days when for one reason or another I have to resort to tinny PC speakers - I’m glad to have this system.

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My nearfield system:

Laptop > USB > SingXer F1 > Chord Hugo TT > Naim NAP140 >Sound Acoustic LS3/5a (ish!)

Great fun.

Killer system for sure! I’ve said this before, your second/WFH system outperforms many primary systems.

…all that matters is you enjoying it! And it sounds you are quite happy. Congratulations…

Hi @MMky,

How are you powering your Qutest?


Sorry, I do not understand what you mean by overkill……:grinning:

Just from the wallwart that came with it. Good enough for me.

With the SN3 and the surest, I had to run a grounding cable from the SN3 to the powerblock.

They do voices brilliantly , that is the amp and speakers I nearly went with and then I auditioned a Rega Aethos which drove those speakers very well , the Aethos went for reasons unconnected with audio and I now have a Nova.

It drives the speakers well and I love the streaming , but I think a Powerline and better speaker cable may be helpful.

If you WfH and can afford it, I don’t think there is such a thing as overkill for an office.

Cost-wise I put together something similar (non Naim) which will migrate to the office in due course next year.

A UQ2 and Qacoustics served me well for 7+ years but as the realisation dawned that most of my listening is here, slapping down serious money for a rack of separates seems logical.

A quality music system is the hallmark of a sophisticated office in my view. It shows you enjoy work and invest in enhancing that enjoyment.

Fair enough.

The Qutest is a superb DAC and given an uprated PSU will give you more. The best VFM/Quality I have found is the SBooster with their Ultra II.


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